Ultimate Silent Auction Study:
Highest-performing silent auction items from each region of the country.

Silent auctions are tried and true ways to fundraise for your charity, school, or foundation. However, wouldn’t things be a bit easier if you had data to help guide the curation of your items?

We pulled 440,000 lines of data to analyze auctions hosted on GiveSmart’s platform and dove deep into the data to derive answers to common auction questions. With over 10,000 events in the last 12 months, there’s plenty of variety among this information, creating a robust nationwide study.

In this study, we examine data based on several measurements: 

  • Average return on the fair market value price 
  • Average fair market value 
  • Average starting bid price 
  • Items with 0 bids 
  • Silent auction data broken down by geographical region
  • Why certain items perform better than others
  • How you can implement this data to enhance your next charity auction

Through this research, we’re able to share insights and tips that will help make your next silent auction more successful and rewarding. This data is only an indication of the trends we found, not a formula, but can be used to guide decision making.  

Would you rather hear us walk through these insights?
Tune in here.

Note: at the end of the study is a compilation of all of the free resources GiveSmart provides to help silent auctions.  

If you’d like to discuss your silent auction with us further, feel free to request a demo to get started. Our team is ready to jump in!


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