GiveSmart Services

Fundraising software and campaign management for nonprofits & organizations.

  • Dedicated support resources

  • Flexible options to fit your team

  • Encouragement every step of the way

Flexibility to suit your organization’s needs.
Two service options – which is right for you?


GiveSmart DIY

Whether you’ve been working with us for years or brand new to the platform, we know most of you are happy to drive fundraising efforts on your own. With the array of support and services we provide it’s easy to see why so many follow this path. Included in DIY, to fully support your team you can expect:

  • The full platform all year round
  • Robust onboarding program
  • The knowledge base of resources and how-to’s
  • Access to insights from other fundraisers and how they’re succeeding
  • GiveSmart’s community.

For those of you well-versed in GiveSmart’s platform, our DIY model is a great option. This model offers seamless administration and all the platform’s features. 

GiveSmart Consult

We all need a little extra support now and again. GiveSmart Consult is for those of you who feel like your team needs additional help with this year’s fundraising initiatives. Our Customer Success Managers have depth and breadth in fundraising experience and can support you in your goals, whether that’s helping you determine how to close your gap this year, strategize the best tactics to meet your goals, and live day of campaign support. 

The main additions to GiveSmart Consult that are not available in DIY:

  • Dedicated GiveSmart Customer Success Manager
  • Added live support: Campaign Technician (additional cost)



What is GiveSmart support? (Available in GiveSmart Consult and GiveSmart DIY options)

  • GiveSmart Support is your main resource for assistance in utilizing our GiveSmart platform
  • Assists with answering payment processing questions 
  • Provides troubleshooting assistance if things go wrong in the GiveSmart platform 

What is a Customer Success Manager? (Available in GiveSmart Consult option)

  • Your GiveSmart conduit that helps to ensure your overall satisfaction with the platform
  • Your strategic partner in helping you execute your desired fundraising initiatives by gaining an understanding of your goals/needs and provide an agreed-upon plan of action
  • Provides best practices and strategies to help the customer raise more throughout the year

What is a Campaign Technician? (Available to add in GiveSmart Consult option)

  • Trained professional to help execute your GiveSmart fundraising campaign and communicate real-time solutions
  • Operates the GiveSmart platform during your fundraising campaign based on the agreed-upon plan of action
  • Your primary on-call resource during your live campaign for real-time adjustments, questions, or troubleshooting 

Your dedicated support resources.

Call, Email, Chat

Whenever you need support, we’re here. Call, email, or chat us with your organization name, site ID, and inquiry. Chat and email us 24/7 or call us 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET.

Enablement Webinars

Live and recorded webinars cover getting started, running campaigns, explanations of new features, and more.

Help Center

The Help Center is full of resources, articles, checklists, and step-by-step instructions for all things GiveSmart. This is also where you can access the how-to video library and product updates.

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We’re re-thinking the approach to fundraising. Join us for our weekly webinar series to see what your peers are doing #OutsideTheRoom, where they’re failing and where they’re succeeding. We want to bring you these stories because the best way to learn is from each other.
hybrid fundraiser

Webinar: Hybrid Fundraisers

Even though in-person events don’t look like they used to they are starting to pop up in different ways and can be paired with virtual and online fundraising elements.

Virtual Fundraising Examples

Virtual campaigns are the new normal for fundraising and every organization. Here are virtual fundraising examples from real-life campaigns all who’ve worked with GiveSmart to accomplish them.  

What our clients say about us

“During my time with LLS, I have not experienced working with a vendor with such a high level of customer service, before, during and after the event! The GiveSmart team enhanced our revenue generation during every process of the event. We continued to use this service with our Man Woman of the Year® campaigns, and look forward to having their services at our upcoming events!”

— Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – National Office

What our clients say about us

“Let me just say what an amazing experience it was working with GiveSmart. Not only did your technology and interface transform our fundraiser, but you and your staff were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. You made an incredible impact on the night and helped us double our goal. Thank you!!”

— Next Generation Nepal

What our clients say about us

“As you know this was the first time that our Temple has used a bidding company during our annual auction. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we did so. You service is more than efficient and easy to use. Having our auction online made us more money than we would have, had we done the traditional silent auction. Most of all it was all less work for me and I actually got to enjoy the event.”

— Temple Beth Sholom

What our clients say about us

“You and your team at GiveSmart have been a tremendous resource. From the early planning phases to event day GiveSmart has provided us with exceptional support and guidance. At our most important event of the year GiveSmart helped us to deliver a successful auction experience. Please extend our sincere appreciation to your team.”

— American Red Cross

What our clients say about us

“We were completely thrilled with every way GiveSmart assisted us, from our first phone call to our final closing report. They couldn’t have been more pleasant and prompt in responding to our needs. My numerous conversations with our Client Service Specialist, became as comfortable as talking with an old friend. The efficiency, professionalism and overall friendliness of their team was amazing. Our event was a huge financial success with the assistance of GiveSmart.”

— Marian Catholic High School