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Why Virtual Fundraising is More Important Than Ever

The events of 2020 have forced us to rethink the way that we deliver programming.  They’ve also forced us to reconsider how we fundraise.  For many, the traditional gala, live auction, or other in-person event is no longer feasible.  That’s left many nonprofit fundraising developers wondering what’s next.

The fundraising professionals at GiveSmart have teamed up with nonprofit fundraising professionals across the country to answer that question.  On this page, you’ll find virtual fundraising resources, including:

So take advantage of the knowledge, insights, encouragement and opportunities that we see from working with fundraising developers every day on the GiveSmart virtual fundraising platform.  For more information about GiveSmart, or to schedule a demo of our fundraising software, visit us here. 

Fundraising Success Webinars

There’s a new way forward with fundraising and plenty of options to meet your donors where they are and connect with them all year round. This sampling of school-related success webinars dives into all those things.

Hear your peers share success stories on:
  • How they grew their reach
  • Exceeded their targets
  • Applied creativity to their virtual fundraising
  • Communicated with donors

Enjoy all 15 #OutsideTheRoom webinars.

Episode 10: OTR - Crossnore School & Children's Center [RECORDED]

Episode 12: OTR - St. Mary's School [RECORDED]

Episode 13: OTR - PENCIL Foundation

Episode 4: Your School's Pivot to a Virtual Fundraising Event [RECORDED]

Episode 5: Creative Uses of Technology [RECORDED]

Your Pivot to Virtual Fundraising

To make this pivot to virtual fundraising easier, we’ve prepared a series of webinars on how to be successful in your pivot to virtual fundraising.   From embracing an online fundraising platform (episode 1), to stories of real impact from local organizations that made the pivot to virtual fundraising (episodes 2, 5 and 9) , to strategies to amplify your reach and messaging with social media (episode 3), to the unexpected benefit of moving an exclusive gala online, where new donors and supporters participated from across the country (episode 7).

These Pivot Success webinars are an encouraging reminder of what’s possible when passionate, creative people come together with common purpose to serve their community.  We loved putting this series together, and we hope it will be valuable for your organization.

Watch all 9 Pivot Success Webinars here:

Episode 1: Embracing the Online Platform and Informing Your Donors [RECORDED]

Episode 2: A Small Organization Makes a Big Impact [RECORDED]

Episode 3: Amplifying Your Virtual Reach with Social Media [RECORDED]

Episode 4: Your School's Pivot to a Virtual Fundraising Event [RECORDED]

Episode 5: Creative Uses of Technology [RECORDED]

Episode 6: Vegas Golden Knights [RECORDED]



Episode 7: Expanding Fundraising OutsideTheRoom [RECORDED]

Episode 8: Setting up the year for success [RECORDED]

Episode 9: Local institutions bridge the gap



Your Virtual Fundraising Checklist

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” – John F. Kennedy 

Checklist for pivoting to a virtual eventRemember, opportunity still exists, but your original plan might not be the one to help get you there.

During these unpredictable times, you and your team will face challenges, new situations, and tricky obstacles. You will, however, emerge stronger and more resilient than before. Additionally, there will be lessons picked up along the way that will help grow your mission that may not have surfaced otherwise.  

Your pivot to virtual fundraising checklist will walk you from taking a deep breath to assessing your fundraising opportunities and risks, and gearing up to run fundraisers virtually.

Read the virtual fundraising checklist.


Virtual Fundraising Examples

Get Virtual Fundraising Ideas from Real Life Campaigns

virtual fundraising examplesCustomers and partners have reached out to GiveSmart for examples or ideas of how to fundraise virtually. Virtual fundraising campaigns are the new normal for fundraising and every organization is trying to figure out how this fits in their fundraising strategies.

We’ve pulled together 40+ inspiring examples of virtual fundraising from real-life campaigns.  Each of these remarkable organizations has worked with GiveSmart to meet and even exceed their fundraising goals. 

Get inspired by these virtual fundraising examples, and let us know how we can help you reach your goals.


More Virtual Fundraising Resources

Webinars, guides, success stories, and more.  Everything you need for virtual fundraising success.

Should We Be Fundraising Today?

One of the questions that our nonprofit partners are asking is whether this is the right time to be making an ask of their donors.  Our answer is, there has never been a better time to ask.  The need has never been greater for the communities that you serve.  For millions of people who’s lives have been disrupted, this opportunity to strengthen and sustain the causes that they care about is a great way to to encourage them, and to show them what’s possible when we work together.

Our own Diane Kleiber, VP of sales at GiveSmart, sat down with Ron Russino from Russino’s fundraising professionals to discuss this very question.

To see the GiveSmart fundraising platform for yourself, schedule a demo today.