Let’s consider the fundraising you
could be doing #OutsideTheRoom.

There’s a new way forward with fundraising and plenty of options to meet your donors where they are and connect with them all year round. This webinar series explores just that.

Hear your peers share success stories on:

>  How they grew their reach
>  Exceeding their targets
>  Creative fundraising components
>  Donor reactions  

The big event. The big room. It’s time to re-think. 

While much of what we did in the past can be used on our new path we’ll need to adjust along the way. 

The good news: you’ve always had serious opportunities to raise more #OutsideTheRoom. Connect with donors online and on their devices. Bring your campaigns to your donors. We have some ideas on how. 

modern path toward your fundraising targets.

We’ve got just the resources that you need right now. Your mission + our resources = magic for the communities you serve. #OutsideTheRoom – join us? 

#OutsideTheRoom Fundraising Success Webinar Series

Episode 1: OTR - Reach for Resources - Jason Skoog [RECORDED]

Episode 2: OTR - First Responders Children's Foundation [RECORDED]

Episode 3: OTR - Girl Scouts of Central CA South [RECORDED]

Episode 4: OTR - RMHC Chicagoland & NWI [RECORDED]

Episode 5: OTR - Showcasing 20+ examples for virtual fundraising [RECORDED]

Episode 6: OTR - Chicago Cubs Charities [RECORDED]

Episode 7: OTR - Place of Hope [RECORDED]

Episode 8: OTR - CURE Childhood Cancer [RECORDED]

Episode 9: OTR - Misericordia [RECORDED]

Episode 10: OTR - Crossnore School & Children's Center [RECORDED]

Episode 11: OTR - First Tee of Delaware [RECORDED]

Episode 12: OTR - St. Mary's School [RECORDED]

Episode 13: OTR - PENCIL Foundation

Episode 17: OTR - Oxford Kids Foundation

Episode 15: OTR - My Friend's Place

September 24th

Episode 16: OTR - Humane Society of Utah

Episode 17: OTR - Oxford Kids Foundation

Episode 18: OTR - Malvern Preparatory School

Episode 19: OTR - Riley Children's Foundation

Episode 20: OTR - Camp One Step

Episode 21: OTR - DIFFA Chicago

Pivot to Online Success Webinar Series

Episode 1: Embracing the Online Platform and Informing Your Donors [RECORDED]

Episode 2: A Small Organization Makes a Big Impact [RECORDED]

Episode 3: Amplifying Your Virtual Reach with Social Media [RECORDED]

Episode 4: Your School's Pivot to a Virtual Fundraising Event [RECORDED]

Episode 5: Creative Uses of Technology [RECORDED]

Episode 6: Vegas Golden Knights [RECORDED]

Episode 7: Expanding Fundraising OutsideTheRoom [RECORDED]

Episode 8: Setting up the year for success [RECORDED]

Episode 9: Local institutions bridge the gap

A few gaps you might be missing:
Knowing your data: How much (and how) are your donors donating-where can these insights have the most potential?

Capturing all intent:
How can you encourage them to donate more with new campaigns, initiatives, and engagement?

Understanding your donor base:
How do you need to modify your initiatives based to cater to *who* your donors are?

Don’t reinvent the wheel:
How are other fundraisers in the space maximizing donor intent?

Learning from your community:
What are misses other fundraisers have experienced that you can avoid?

Clients are finding success #OutsideTheRoom by:

Running more than
one campaign

Clients that ran more than one campaign raised, on average, 50% more each year.

Running some online-only fundraising campaigns

Engage your donors with exciting and non-traditional “events”.

Capturing the Guest Of your event donors

Acquire new fans, donors, and advocates at your event.

Promoting unsold auction items

Turn unsold live auction items into a stand-alone silent auction.

Establishing an online store

Selling merchandise?
Turn your store digital.


Facilitating some healthy competition

Allow donors to cast their vote
with their donations.

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