GiveSmart Fundraising Accelerator

GiveSmart's Fundraising Accelerator (1)

Are you looking to enhance your fundraising? Would having real data from real fundraisers help you decide what revenue enhancers to include in your upcoming fundraiser?

Whether you are thinking of adding a revenue enhancer, such as a raffle or wine pull, to a fundraiser you already have planned, or if you are thinking of adding an entirely new fundraising campaign to your calendar, GiveSmart’s Fundraising Accelerator will help you reach your goals! 

Simply, this tool allows you to calculate based on REAL data how much could be raised by trying different fundraising components in your different fundraising strategies.

GiveSmart customers are CREATIVE, so we have many, many elements you can choose to see how they will work out. Feeling stuck on what some of these ideas really look like After you hit submit, you’ll be directed to an index with examples for each of them to get you one step further in your planning! 

You can use this tool as often as you need. After you hit submit, you will receive an email with your breakdown. That way, you can easily share it with your team, Board of Directors, and add it to your planning documents.

How to use the calculator:

The average dollars raised are directly pulled from years of real customer data. It is meant as a data-driven starting point so you can get a picture of what others are doing. You can see what is truly possible. It is in no way meant to be viewed as an absolute guarantee. 

  1. Enter your email in the form below to gain access.
  2. Add your annual fundraising revenue goal (only numbers do not put in commas or $s).
  3. Add how many people are part of your campaign or event (this can be an estimate and will adjust the amount raised based on what you enter — consider testing a few numbers here).
  4. Add fundraising elements you are interested in understanding how much would be raised. To add additional, just select “add more”.
  5. To get all of this emailed to you for later, just select “Send me my results”.

As you select fundraising elements, if you are unsure about one of the examples or would like more details, you can visit our 50+ Virtual Fundraising Ideas to see real-life examples.

Interested in chatting one on one about how you can get to your fundraising goals? Connect with GiveSmart here.