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GiveSmart Donor CRM is the simple, donor-centered solution to move your mission forward

From large, global non-profits to smaller, local operations, we've helped them all to meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

Our Donor CRM is the simple, donor relationship management solution to best enable tracking, stewardship, and retention.
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Over 50 million individual supporters
$7.5 billion + raised
95% customer satisfaction rating

Delightful. Easy. Intuitive.

Donor CRM rounds out the GiveSmart platform, the award-winning fundraising and donor management tool that’s secure, scalable, and the donor-centered choice to help you turn your mission into something that moves donors. 

Built by fundraising experts with over 25 years of experience, Donor CRM’s modern, user-friendly tools make donor management efficient and easy. 



Automate tracking, thanking, and retaining donors to give again

Secure, one-click, simple share option makes it easy for your staff and board

Flexible, customizable Households & Groups tool that goes beyond shared addresses

Custom report creation that saves favorite views

Soft credits tracking to enable more accurate donor recognition

Reporting that keeps you up to date, aware of potential lapsed donors, and retention rates

Custom fields and tags help you discover hidden donor potential and wealth capacity

Build filters and segments that meet YOUR needs. No programming experience needed

Makes tracking multi-payment pledges, gifts of stock or property, and in-kind services easy

Rock-solid security for your donor database using the latest security technology

Unique elastic search technology for intuitive results, even with misspellings

Professional training and data conversion services available

The Donor Experience

Individuals who are seeking to make a greater impact on the world need simple and convenient ways to get involved. Here is how GiveSmart creates an engaging nonprofit donor experience via engagement and advocacy campaigns in our fundraising management tools. 

Grow your reach

Grow your reach

Subscription keywords are the best way to build your subscriber list in-person and at live events. Everyone who texts your keyword will receive your content in a customized text message reply. Even better, they’ll all be subscribed to receive ongoing alerts from your campaign. 

Streamline ticketing and registration

Streamline ticketing and registration

Create a unified event experience for your attendees by setting up ticketing and registration forms right on your website. Our customizable, embeddable payment forms enable you to sell tickets directly on your website. 

Volunteer sign-up

Volunteer sign-up

Volunteering is the best way to gain contributions for your cause that don’t involve money. In fact, volunteers are more likely to become lifelong donors to your cause even if their first interaction with your organization wasn’t a donation. Sign up volunteers from wherever they are with mobile and online solutions that make it easy to get involved. 

Advocacy action

Advocacy action

Petitions are a great way to get your network of supporters involved with your cause by taking action for something they care about. Instead of using traditional paper petitions that are cumbersome for both supporters and volunteers, mobile and online forms allow you to customize your petition and conveniently collect digital signatures from any device. 

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