Webinar: #OutsideTheRoom Fundraising Success Episode 16 – Humane Society of Utah

This webinar is being held on January 7th at 2pm CST

Now that everyone is virtual for who knows how long, it’s time to up your game to build your donor base.

Humane Society of Utah joins us to discuss how they’ve created unique and fun campaigns that stand-out in the crowded virtual space. Their donor engagement and creativity will be on display as we cover:

  • Key differences between virtual and live campaign execution
  • Learnings and recommendations from a year of virtual fundraising
  • BONUS: How they created a celebrity look-alike fundraiser that had all kinds of buzz

How to increase recurring donations
6 tips for texting your donors
Checklist: pivoting to a virtual fundraiser
Promoting and marketing your fundraising campaigns
Year-round giving: a campaign for every month