Webinar: #OutsideTheRoom Fundraising Success Webinar Series: Episode 19 Working as Partners

Riley Children’s Hospital

This webinar is being held on February 18 @ 10 a.m. ET 

How do you find the time to get it done?

What if your volunteers and supporters had the tools and plan to support you? Hear from Riley Children’s Foundation on how they, alongside their volunteer partners, support their lifesaving mission “ hand in hand. Join us as we cover: 

  • Tips for supporting and managing monthly fundraising campaigns
  • Ways you can incorporate silent auctions into any fundraiser
  • How giving your third-party partners a virtual fundraising platform benefits all

You dedicate a great deal of time and energy to support your mission. It’s a heavy load “ especially now.  Let’s see how you can lighten it. 



How to increase recurring donations
6 tips for texting your donors
Checklist: pivoting to a virtual fundraiser
Promoting and marketing your fundraising campaigns
Year-round giving: a campaign for every month