When you’re planning a school fundraiser there are a variety of school silent auction item ideas that you can implement for very little to no cost. While most of these items work best for schools you can consider modifying them to work for other types of fundraisers as well.   

Graduation package
Graduation packages often include parking and VIP seating for the big occasion. Graduation packages sometimes include the cap and gown and alumni merchandise.    

Sign-up parties
Sign-up parties are parties for a set number of people and guests pay for their spot instead of bidding on an item. Sign-up parties can be a cocktail party for parents or a pizza party with the art teacher for students. It’s fun to offer options for both parents and students!    

Principal for a day
Principal for a day is a fun way for a student to deliver the school’s daily announcements and help the principal with his/her/their daily duties and can always be considered as a school silent auction item.

School swag
Ask the school store if they have leftover school merchandise to create a school swag basket! School stores often have a surplus of supplies so make the most of inventory that’s already accounted for and raffle off as a basket, or open for bidding. 

Parking spots
Prime parking spots are great to auction off for drop-off parents, older students, and faculty and staff. If spots are limited and popular items, split them up by semester or season to raise even more!   

Field trips
Field trips can be donated by museum or purchased on behalf of parents. These are always popular items to support because they’re fun for students and further their education.   

Student artwork (individual) and class artwork (collective) are unique and memorable pieces that typically perform well in school auctions.  

Teacher’s day off 
Bid to help your favorite teacher get the day off! Or, if you’re having raffles, look to raise a certain amount in the raffle and then pull a lucky teacher’s name for the day off. 

Dress down days
If your school has uniforms, bidding for dress down days is a fun free way to bargain for casual dress. This can also be set up as a sign-up party. 

School sports pass
Sports lovers rejoice when all-access sports passes are offered at auctions! Bidding on this sports pass gives spectators an all-access pass to all school sporting events for the entire year. If you think this will be popular with your school families, step it up a notch and offer VIP seating for pass holders too! Sports passes are also great items to duplicate or auction multiple times.   


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