Online Silent Auction Software

Host your silent auction online, and make giving easy

Hosting silent auctions online opens bidding to donors – existing, new, near, and far.

Increasing reach and participation, mobile bidding auctions increase funds raised by an average of 30% when switching from paper to mobile bidding. Donors bid directly from their mobile devices, then receive instant outbid text notifications taking them back to the item to bid again.

Reach farther, raise more, give smarter.

Mobile bidding

Hosting a silent auction online allows people not physically present at an event to browse, bid, and buy items. More guests at events bid on items because they can do so privately and quickly on their phones without pushing through crowded auction areas.


Item procurement

As planning begins, the collection of items is efficient and documented within the GiveSmart Items Management solution. Direct donors to submit their item images and descriptions right away through your site and manage the donations that come in easily by using the procurement status field. This makes for an easier tracking and creation of your auction items. 

Auction catalogue

Manage your auction items, relevant tax information, images, packages, and bidding activity within your auction catalogue. The GiveSmart platform automatically generates item sheets to display at your event.

Real-time insights

Track your event’s performance on the admin dashboard utilizing real-time data to look at your financials at any point during your event. After, download a comprehensive overview or specific breakdowns of revenue streams for the event.

Your silent auction platform

GiveSmart’s online silent auction platform leads the industry for a reason. We make giving easy.

With a platform designed to get you up and running quickly, and seamless end-user experience, you can focus on engaging with your donors, and know that the auction is​running successfully.

With a comprehensive suite of solutions, you’ll have the flexibility to create online silent auction experiences that fit your organization, and appeal to your donor base.

With an ever-expanding set of integration partners, you can share data, analyze results, and take action to grow your organization year after year.

We’re with you every step of the way

Beyond the online silent auction platform, GiveSmart provides an unparalleled experience of support, every step of the way. From planning your event ​and brainstorming creative ideas, to configuring your silent auction software and training your team to use it, GiveSmart is committed to your success.

Our live​-event support team ​is comprised of experienced personnel trained to help your donors feel comfortable and bid with confidence on your silent auction items.

We see ourselves as a partner to the organizations that we serve, and the billions of dollars raised by thousands of organizations over the least ​last 8 ​eight years are a testament to that commitment.  

Let us show you why so many organizations have given GiveSmart a such a strong recommendation.

What our clients say about us

"In a world of no one leaving their homes – an online auction is worth every penny this year. We are still going to end up in the black on this event thanks to GiveSmart!"

Carl Sundahl Elementary in Folsom, CA

What our clients say about us

“We broke our all-time fundraising record – amazing! GiveSmart and the team were an enormous reason for our success, and we appreciate it greatly.”

Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C.

What our clients say about us

"During my time with LLS, I have not experienced working with a vendor with such a high level of customer service, before, during and after the event! The GiveSmart team enhanced our revenue generation during every process of the event. We continued to use this service with our Man Woman of the Year® campaigns, and look forward to having their services at our upcoming events!"

— Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - National Office

What our clients say about us

"We were completely thrilled with every way GiveSmart assisted us, from our first phone call to our final closing report. They couldn't have been more pleasant and prompt in responding to our needs. My numerous conversations with our Client Service Specialist, became as comfortable as talking with an old friend. The efficiency, professionalism and overall friendliness of their team was amazing. Our event was a huge financial success with the assistance of GiveSmart."

— Marian Catholic High School

What our clients say about us

“Our Customer Success Manager was phenomenal with me. They always responded to me right away and was extremely thorough from our initial phone call to go over the campaign page. The GiveSmart site is so user-friendly and simple to use – it was enjoyable! We look forward to continuing to use the GiveSmart platform going forward!"

Missouri REALTORS in Columbia, MO

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