Webinar: Your Pivot to a Virtual Fundraising Event

You CAN do this. We can help. 

Silver lining: Your brilliant fundraising peers have been hitting targets via virtual events for several years, and your org can too. So what should you do if your organization needs to host a virtual fundraising event instead of a live one? We’ve got data, inspiration, and some best practices to run virtual events so that all of your fundraising dollars don’t go out the window.

We’ll discuss:

  • You’ve canceled or postponed, now what? A checklist for you.
  • What a virtual fundraising event looks like
  • Various online fundraising components
  • BONUS: How to use these tactics to fundraise all year long

Eric Newman
Director of Event Operations


Dianne Kleber
VP of Sales

Maureen Blandford
VP of Marketing

You can find all of the answers to this webinar’s Q+A session here.

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