Marketing Your Event – Chapter 6: Other Marketing Tips

Templates, Examples and Tips to Introduce Your Guest to Mobile Bidding

Table of Contents

Social media benefits and template language

Social media contact with your guests is a great option to create a buzz about your event and reach a larger audience. If you already have a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, it is advantageous to use these resources to send out event invitations and updates to your guests. You can also use your GiveSmart site to connect with your guests by setting up links to your social media!

Template 1

The [your event] auction is coming up on [date] there will be a [silent auction, live auction, raffle, live band and buffet] (or other highlights of your event)! Click the link to our Facebook event page to learn more!

Template 2

Great news – we just opened up the [Travel] (or other category) silent auction items for pre-bidding! [Click here] (Link to your organization’s GiveSmart site) to start bidding on the trip of a lifetime!

Marketing on event night

Marketing before your event is key, but marketing on event night is equally important. Empowering your guests with the resources and education to be successful in their bidding will definitely help boost your fundraising to its highest potential.

Bidding assistants with iPads are great for guests who do not have a smartphone, whose phone is out of battery, or for guests who are not comfortable with technology. Letting your guests know that there will be people on site to help them often calms first time mobile bidding nerves. If you have on site support for your event, your Customer Success Manager will bring iPads and his/her/their staff will have lanyards to distinguish themselves. Some organizations will chose other accessories to help distinguish other volunteers acting as bidding assistants.

Display sheets are essential to help your guests know how to search items while on site at your event. With item numbers, your guests can search for an item they would like to bid on in the smart search bar. It is a GiveSmart best practice to make item numbers three digits and have each category start with a different hundred value. Organizing your items on site by category also helps guests to be able to browse where they have interest. Your GiveSmart site has display sheet templates in the Item Manager; please ask your Account Manager for more guidance and help when creating and printing display sheets.

Charging stations are a great option to have at your event to decrease your guests’ dependency on bidding assistants. If a guest’s phone is on low battery, they will be able to use your charging station to continue bidding from their individual device. Accent this charging station with great signage to ensure it is not looked over.

Signage for charging stations and other parts of your auction help to make guests aware of their resources. If you have assigned tables for a seated dinner, want VIPs to check in at a different area, or want to post auction rules, make sure to have appropriate signage so that your guests know their options.

Help desks are a great way to help your guests in addition to bidding assistants. Instead of searching out a roaming bidding assistant with an iPad, a help desk can be a one stop shop for guests to stop by and ask questions about mobile bidding. You may also want to make this help desk a raffle table, or use it to highlight a leaderboard.

Visuals like a leaderboard or thermometer are a great way to market your auction on event night. Leaderboards highlight the silent auction and who is winning on what items, and work great near a bar or a high traffic area. Thermometers highlight donations and work perfectly with a text to donate appeal. Ask your Customer Success Manager about what visuals may be best for your event!

Tips on how to make your guests active bidders

Whether your guests are on site at your event, or bidding from afar, you want to ensure that they are active bidders to have your best auction. All of the marketing tips above will help to ensure your guests are active, while highlighting certain items and using proxy bidding will help, as well.

Highlight certain items

Depending on how many items you have, or if you are having a live auction, you may want to highlight some items on your homepage or in a specific category. Many organizations will send out e-blasts telling guests about their “super silent” category, or inviting guests to preview the live auction items. While these items may not yet be available for bidding, big ticket items like experiences and travel will definitely create a buzz that makes guests excited to bid.

Highlighting games & other items

If you have a raffle, balloon pop, or other games, highlighting them on your homepage may peak the interest of some of your guests who do not want to bid, but do want to contribute to your fundraising. You can highlight games and other items on your homepage, a custom page, and specific categories in the Bidding Center.

Bidding from Afar

One of the many benefits of mobile bidding is that it enables guests to bid from afar. If you are having an online only auction, or have many guests that cannot attend your event, giving them the chance to be involved in your fundraising from afar will boost your numbers. Posting on your homepage or on a special page about how to bid from afar will really make your remote bidders knowledgeable and more active.