GiveSmart Mobile Bidding Guide – Ticketing & Registration

Templates, Examples and Tips to Introduce Your Guest to Mobile Bidding

Welcome to the GiveSmart mobile bidding guide

In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to host a successful mobile bidding event, from ticketing and registration to post-event follow ups and more! Use the table of contents below to navigate the guide. You can also download the guide by filling out the form to the right. Enjoy this Mobile Bidding Guide, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about mobile bidding.

Table of Contents

Ticketing vs. Pre-Registration

Ticket purchases through the GiveSmart platform are automatically pre-registered for the silent auction, since they entered in their cellphone, email and credit card information at the time of purchase. If a guest purchases a sponsorship or multiple tickets, they will have the opportunity to enter in the names of their guests. This will reserve their guests’ tickets on the guestlist, but their guests will not be pre-registered as their personal information, beyond their name, is not in the system. These guests can register at check-in, or to expedite the check-in process, can pre-register online and participate in pre-bidding.

Pre-registering does not guarantee a guest physical attendance to your event, but pre-registered guests will receive all messaging and be able to bid from home. This is perfect for guests who wish to participate in pre-bidding, are unable to attend your event, or if you chose to sell tickets through another platform.

If a guest pre-registers, but has a ticket purchased by another person or uploaded with a guest list template, all duplicate profiles will be merged to ensure that there is no confusion at check-in. It is advantageous to encourage guests to pre-register regardless of if they are with a party or sponsorship. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager about other questions regarding ticketing and pre-registering.

E-Blast vs. Physical Invitations

E-Blasts are a convenient, green, and inexpensive option for marketing your GiveSmart event, if you have the resources. Email marketing resources like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or your own email list, make sending e-blasts easy and allows your guests to conveniently click on hyperlinked works or buttons from their email that lead to purchasing tickets and registering in just a few clicks. E-blasts work great on their own, or in conjunction with physical invitations.

Physical Invitations may be a great option for your event, especially if it is more formal or your first time going mobile. Many guests are used to physical invitations, and you can use the same verbiage as an e-blast to lead guests to online ticket purchases and registration. If you are sending physical invitations to VIPs who have complimentary tickets, you can also use them to send promo codes to redeem comp tickets online (ask your Customer Success Manager for more info on promo codes and ticketing options).

Using both options is a viable option for many organizations, depending on their guest demographics, the formality of the event, and budget. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more detailed advice specific to your event.

Please feel free to use the following pages of template language for your e-blast and/or invitation. You may want to mix and match these templates to best fit your guests’ questions and needs. All bolded verbiage should be changed to fit your event. Many of these examples also refer to bidding and pre-bidding, which you may or may not want to include in your initial introduction to your guests. Both of these topics are explained in more detail in the following section.

Template 1

Click here to register for the [Your Organization] auction. In lieu of tickets, we will keep a list of attendees at the door. All guests will check in at the Registration Table on the night.

Beginning [date], one week before [event name] you will be able to preview and bid online for silent auction items by signing in at [your GiveSmart link] [yourextension].

All bidding in the silent auction will be by mobile device through your smartphone or tablet, or with a bidding assistant at the venue. Once you’ve bid on an item, your smartphone will alert you if someone outbids you so you can bid again!

Join the fun, and don’t forget to bring your smartphone with you.

[Purchase tickets, or register, today!] (Enter Link to your organization’s GiveSmart site)

Template 2

[Your organization] is delighted to announce the launch of our most exciting silent auction yet!

Now everyone can bid on items prior to our [event name], and from home if you cannot attend. Mobile and online bidding is fun, active and completely secure! You can view and bid on our unique [event name] silent auction items by using your smartphone or tablet.

[Purchase tickets, or register, today!] (Enter link to your organization’s GiveSmart site)

Template 3

[Your Organization] is going high-tech by going mobile with our ticket sales and silent auction bidding. You can now purchase tickets, and place bids online with your smartphone or mobile device. Don’t worry! Bidding volunteers will be in place throughout the night to assist with the bidding process, should you have any questions.

How it works:

  • Purchase tickets or register online at [your GiveSmart link]
  • Browse the Silent Auction and choose from the many great items you would like to bid on.
  • Place your bid on a selected item, with an option of setting a maximum bid.
  • You will be notified on your smartphone if you have been outbid.

Purchasing tickets and registering online is the quickest, easiest way to place bids in the auction! Simply register by entering your name, contact information, and payment method. Registering online will also help us provide you with a speedy check in and checkout at the event.In lieu of tickets, we will keep a list of attendees at the door. All guests will check in at the Registration Table on the night of the event. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone with you!

[Purchase tickets or register now!] (Enter Link to your organization’s GiveSmart site)