When it comes to charity events, there are a few notable differences among preferences and giving patterns between millennials and boomers. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of your donor base, or working harder to recruit a new group as future donors, the following highlights might be of interest: 

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Millennials prefer the ability to collect donations or sponsorships in advance of the event.
Millennials and boomers are both interested in silent auctions. However, the ability (or perhaps the challenge) of raising funds in advance of is more enticing to millennials. 
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Boomers believe the purpose of a signature event is to showcase what the organization has achieved. 
On the contrary, millennials want something fun and celebratory. As you plan your next event, implement the factors your donor demographic considers to be a founding purpose of a signature fundraising event. 

Millennials are more inclined to do something that’s a run, race, tournament, or other sporting competition.  
Millennials and boomers have similar interest levels in galas, parties, and silent auctions, but it’s the sporting activities that set the two generations apart. As you plan events and activities, you’ll want to take your donors’ preferences into consideration. However, make sure to consider how you can reach new demographics. If you’re looking to engage a younger generation, a tournament or a race just might be the way!

Millennials are more likely to hear about an event over a phone call or text message. 
Almost everyone, including boomers, uses a smartphone today. When you’re promoting your event, choose your communication channels based on donor preferences and how they’re most likely to respond to your organization’s marketing.


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