May 17, 2024

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Tips from the Experts 

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Tips from the Experts

Your volunteer fundraisers are invaluable assets to your organization’s mission. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful tool because your supporters can see their impact on your mission in real time. With $126 as the average donation to a GiveSmart-powered P2P campaign, this strategy should be a part of your annual fundraising plans.  

We’ve brought together a panel of partners to share tips to help your organization better create these campaigns and engage your fundraising volunteers.  

We asked our panel, “What are your top tips for successful P2P fundraising recruitment, campaigns, and/or planning?” Experts from our on-site event management and donor engagement partners shared tips for enablement, ways to grow your P2P network, opportunities for increasing giving, and more! 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Toolkit and Templates

Don’t overlook the power of matching gifts when organizing a P2P fundraising campaign. For one thing, individuals who donate to your cause through such campaigns often qualify for matching gifts. Suppose John sponsors Jim’s 5K fundraiser, for example. In that case, there’s a good chance that John’s employer will double his contribution with a matching gift—essentially supplying the campaign with two donations for the cost of acquiring one. 

However, another opportunity to explore is a fundraising match. That’s when a company doubles all the donations an employee collects as part of a P2P fundraiser, even if the employee didn’t contribute the funds directly. In the above scenario, Jim’s employer could supply a match for every donation Jim secures on behalf of your organization. 

When you account for matching gifts and fundraising matches in your P2P campaign strategy, your results can multiply quickly! 

Focus on engaging individuals who are not only passionate about your organization but also have a significant influence within their communities or workplaces. These key supporters can play a vital role in spreading the word and rallying others to your cause.  

Consider creating a friendly competition among fundraising captains to see who can recruit the most supporters or raise the most funds. This approach adds an element of fun and motivation to the campaign.  

Additionally, encourage your existing donors to introduce new people to your organization by inviting them to events or sharing their personal stories of involvement. This strategy helps broaden your reach and introduces your mission to a wider audience, potentially leading to increased support and donations. 

Provide Training and Resources: Equip your event staff and volunteers with the tools, training, and resources they need to effectively collect donations. This includes key talking points, event updates, FAQs, and photo and video content they can share on social media. 

Provide Ongoing Support: Offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the campaign to address any challenges or questions fundraisers may have. Regular check-ins and communication can help maintain momentum and keep participants motivated. 

Optimize Online Platforms: Utilize user-friendly online platforms for donation collection and fundraising tracking. Ensure that these platforms are mobile-responsive and integrate seamlessly with social media sharing functionalities. 

Make sure you have structured calls with those involved to explain how to handle working toward their fundraising goals. Keep in regular communication with them so they have guidance and support, and feel held accountable for their commitment to your mission. Assist fundraisers with their pages and campaigns so everything is on brand and your ambassadors have even bigger success. 

This is a fun opportunity to think outside of the box. Raising funds P2P allows you to elongate your reach and influence as an organization. This is also an opportunity to really utilize your mobile bidding platform. Each one of your P2P campaigns can, and should, have the personality of the specific event and the individual fundraiser. One could be Dungeons and Dragons themed and the next be covered in unicorns. People who have never heard of your organization before will gravitate to a theme that matches their personality, allowing you to reach a whole new tribe of donors and supporters.

Watch Now: Strengthen Your Supports: How to Run Successful P2P Campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraisers are some of the most engaged volunteers at an organization. Carving out time to support these champions will encourage lifetime collaboration, sustaining your mission and community for years to come.   

GiveSmart’s peer-to-peer fundraising features ensure your nonprofit’s walk/run/rides, talent competitions, annual events, sports tournaments, fund-a-needs, and more have fundraising success. 


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We needed a platform to make sales online and to track and display ads for our sponsors. GiveSmart was perfect. We ended up making close to $15,000 more than we had hoped for. Definite better ROI than we anticipated. The interface is easy to use and provides plenty of options to get help if needed.

Michelle M.

The Rotary Club of South Whidbey Island

Using GS has created ease in auction bookkeeping, payments, and generating post-event thank you/tax letters. While we were online during COVID, our interactions with our GiveSmart via phone, email, and zoom were seamless. A representative always got back to us within the day. I would recommend GiveSmart to anyone doing a large online event.

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MicroFinancing Partners in Africa

GiveSmart is highly flexible - you can use it for [a] simple registration and check-in, to full-scale galas with complex order forms, onsite upsells, live auctions, seating management, and more.

Jamie F.

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer

GiveSmart is easy to use and ideal for virtual events and can be used for in-person events to manage the silent auction, seating charts, and check-in to the event. Being able to use the platform for unlimited events within the contract year is very useful and being able to add other users and volunteers for different levels of access is helpful as well.

Dawn L.

Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County