Giving Tuesday;

A global generosity movement around a communal day to give
“On #GivingTuesday we’ll run an online donation campaign.”

#GivingTuesday happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year. While the buzz and awareness around #GivingTuesday are great, we’d like to warn that it’s not sustainable. It’s simply one day out of the year so be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket. Remember to invest in your recurring giving campaigns, volunteers, and partnerships. Participate, but don’t bank on it. 

Watch our Jam Session (below) with Santa Maria Community Services as they take us through their #GivingTuesday campaign.

Here are some steps to maximize your giving campaign: 

1. Set up a platform that allows you to receive donations. This can be through your own website, fundraising software, social media, or other ways. When you select a way to collect donations make sure you ask if there are fees that would deduct from the amount you raised and ask when you can expect those funds to hit your organization’s bank account. 

2. Make giving easy. No matter what way you decide to collect donations, make sure that it is clear to donors where they need to go and how they can give. If the process involves too many steps or is too confusing, they might drop off and will be less likely to give. Make it clear and make it accessible

3. Diversify your giving levels. Offering a range of giving levels, or the option for donors to give whatever they’d like, greatly increases the number of donations you’ll receive. It’s a tough time for people, in more ways than one, so you want to be understanding that financial situations have changed for a lot of people.

recurring donations

4. Share! Across social media, through emails, over the phone. Let your donors know you are looking to beat your last #GivingTuesday number (if you have one) and tell them just what their support will do for your mission. Be explicit and break down how much money is needed to provide a week’s worth of school lunches or a ride to and from a doctor’s visit. This is also a great opportunity for your volunteers to participate in online donations by building out a call tree and asking them to help solicit donations. For security and simplicity purposes, they can direct donors to your donation platform.

5. Thank, follow up, continue to cultivate. As always, show appreciation when donors contribute to your organization. Further, get them on your mailing lists, following you on social, and subscribing to anything else that your organization provides to keep them connected. Cultivating these relationships is key so that they become more than a one-time donor. Remember, donors, give 4-10 times per year to organizations they support, so it’s okay to keep reaching out.

Interesting Ideas:

South Carolina Wildlife Federation is running a 24-hour auction on #GivingTuesday, their instant buy items include shipping costs, and they’re giving their supporters the option to donate their ticket for their free virtual gala. Explore their campaign here.

Santa Maria Community Servies out of Cincinnati shares how they’re using leftover inventory, handcrafted clay bowls (a partnership with another local organization), and raffles for #GivingTuesday as a follow-up campaign to their annual Set The Table event. Explore their campaign here.

Don’t forget, a giving day can be run any day of the year, but the real magic is in planning, execution, and creativity! 

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