Dog Days:

Giving Campaigns to Run This Summer

Ahh, summer days. A lovely time to relax, however, your organization shouldn’t take the summer off from fundraising. Donors are still willing to give and it’s a good way to set yourself apart, especially since this fall is going to be more saturated than usual with so many postponed events from the spring. 

This webinar breaks down campaigns you can run throughout the summer and that are easy to execute. These campaigns will help you bridge the gap in funding between spring and fall. Don’t wait until your donors are spread thin this fall to reach your fundraising targets.  

You’ll learn more about:

  • Live campaigns: 5k, golf tournament, cornhole, cookoffs, and more. 
  • Virtual campaigns: text-to-give, silent auction, raffles, wine pulls, recurring giving, and more. 
  • Blended campaigns: golf tournament + online auction, fun runs, house party galas, music strolls, and more. 

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