GiveSmart Product Webinar: Champion Fundraising

October 23rd @ 12PM – 1PM Central Time

**Exclusively for GiveSmart Customers

With GiveSmart’s new Champion feature, fundraisers can empower champions for their cause to fundraise on their behalf. We will take a deeper dive into all the use cases and implications.

Let’s do a deeper dive into the GiveSmart platform on the how, why, and best practices around the champions feature. We’ll share goals and outcomes from your peers already using this feature, as well as a little nitty gritty on the functionality. 

And, yeah of course we want to ensure your team has confidence with this functionality but, if we’re being honest, we’d love to see you bump up the swagger component for your fundraising efforts. 

Why stop at confidence? Why not go for Reigning Supreme?

Join our Patrick Clore, Director of Customer and Business Insights, and Customer Success Manager Stephanie Hann for a deeper dive on how to use this champion feature for your next fundraising campaign.

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