Nonprofit Pivot Success: The Series

Your GiveSmart peers share their stories on going virtual

What we possibly all need to hear right now: a nonprofit, who’s had to cancel an in-person, major event, pivoted to online, and made it to the other side with fundraising success. 
Our empathetic customers know better than anyone else, how current conditions impact nonprofits. 
So they are stepping up to share their story.

Join us to hear success on:

  • How They Found Their Path Forward
  • Their fundraising components
  • Donor Reactions
  • Results (compared to their Plan A)

4/2/2020 3 PM CT

Your Resource Toolkit:


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In the meantime, if you’d like a conversation around how your team might rethink your 2020 strategy to keep moving forward to your goals, our team would be happy to discuss