Our fully-featured fundraising platform

Connect with your donors where they engage the most frequently – their devices

Customizable event site
With a mobile-friendly interface, the GiveSmart platform is easy to customize to match your organization’s colors and theme. Rich text, video, and enhanced image placement are all available within the platform.
Mobile bidding
Take the auction mobile and allow donors to support your organization from anywhere. Mobile bidding is the fastest growing trend in fundraising and increases the amount raised by 30% when transitioning from paper bidding.

Having the ability to take donations via text opens up fundraising to a myriad of new opportunities and year-round capabilities. With a dedicated keyword per campaign, you can track the success and awareness of each. And you can write, schedule, and send texts when it is convenient for you.

Enhanced dashboard and reporting

The data is endless, and it is at your fingertips. Live, intuitive reporting is available through the dashboard and reporting tools of the GiveSmart platform. This data helps track up-to-the minute how your fundraising efforts are going and can help guide decisions for the future.

Seating management

Distribute guests and groups amongst your assigned tables in our drag-and-drop seating management tool. Assigning ticket purchasers is easy and allows for less manual work when it comes to seating assignments and tables.

Item management

Manage silent and live auction items in an easy, intuitive solution where you can edit item descriptions and details without having to click around in several pages. Include images and videos with your item descriptions and even add in instant buy items.

Campaign management
Create and manage all of your fundraising campaigns in one place. Use the Organization Hub to clone campaigns and run them again without losing the donor’s data. This allows for annual fundraising events to be ready to go quicker and more efficiently.
Giving Tuesday and online donations
For special giving occasions like Giving Tuesday, you can set up an online donation site that will be tied to your special keyword and allow donors to text in quick donations throughout the day/week/month and helps promote the cause you are focused on.
With our intuitive ticketing platform, donors can purchase tickets and be registered for your other fundraising elements instantly. This fully-integrated platform allows you to register donors, sponsors, and table purchasers all in one place. You can also allow donors to cover the fees related to ticketing and answer custom questions related to your event.
Mobile responsive sites
GiveSmart’s mobile responsive web design means that your site is as easy to use on a mobile phone as it is a desktop, keeping the look and feel consistent. In the Design Center, organizations create their sites to match the vision of their missions or theme of their events.
Payment processing
Integrated credit card processing makes for easy checkout and collection for every event and campaign. By utilizing the intuitive software, your donors can pay via phone and skip the line. Payment processing fees can also be an option for the donor to cover instead of the organization having to pay the fees.
Games of chance
Fundraising games like Heads or Tails can be promoted, sold, and tracked through the GiveSmart platform. This includes an opportunity drawing or game of chance where donors can purchase via phone and be assigned a random number.
Tax receipts and Thank You letters
Automatically generate tax receipts, donation letters, and thank you letters for donors in bulk post event to limit the administrative tasks related to these items. Donors can request receipts by email or text upon checkout.