Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising


Backstage enables a one-page experience to manage any virtual streamed campaign. Access a live feed of donor activity and live chat, bringing donor activity, leading bids, and items to the forefront. Backstage segments activity through all of your fundraising sources so you never miss the pulse of the event. Keep track of auctions, donations, instant items, raffles, and votes from one centralized location.


Make your event dynamic and exciting with a livestream directly from your personally branded and designed GiveSmart site. Your guests can donate, buy tickets from, bid, and experience your event from just one webpage, making their experience better and your work easier.


Your guests can chat during your virtual program, from wherever they are sitting. Not only can you increase engagement, foster community, and celebrate top volunteers, but your organization is no longer limited by geography.  

Donor recognition

The one screen display publicly thanks donors and leading bidders during your event. This call-out automates the first step in the critical donor stewardship process and showcases your gratitude. 

One-Screen experience

Level-up and modernize your event through displaying your progress thermometer, program video, slideshow, donor names, leading auction bids, and chat all on one screen. This feature supports in-person, hybrid, and virtual campaigns. 

Proxy bidding

Have the option to open your live auction for mobile bidding by all individuals or not. If you are using bidder numbers and paddles in place of mobile bidding, you could assign proxy bidders for people not in the room. Exercising this option allows you to further control the live auction bidding process and increases fanfare. All persons can still register and give their payment information, allowing for easy, electronic checkout and a seamless donor experience.

Sign-up parties

Easily feature your sign-up parties, when people pay a set amount of money to participate in a group event with a limited number of spots, on our platform. You can integrate them into your order form or showcase them alongside your auction or merchandise store.

Exclusive items

When holding a hybrid event, release exclusive items during the event that are categorized for your in-person and at-home donors and promote those to the certain groups. 


Having the ability to take donations via text opens up fundraising to a myriad of new opportunities and year-round capabilities. With a dedicated keyword per campaign, you can track the success and awareness of each.