Dec 14, 2023

Choosing Incentives for Your Next Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Choosing incentives

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an excellent way to acquire new donors and increase fundraising. Supporters feel a sense of belonging when they can raise funds for their favorite nonprofit. Your donors are a part of your community, so it’s important to show your appreciation for them. An essential part of any peer-to-peer fundraising idea is incentivizing participants to come and support your mission. 

There are several types of incentives that you can use to encourage your donors. First, you must understand what they like and what motivates them, be it gifts or recognition. Then, you can tie this incentive back to your nonprofit.

Types of Incentives for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Fundraising incentives are an excellent way to motivate donors to support your cause and for you to express your gratitude to them. There are many options for fundraiser incentives, ranging from branded swag and recognition to exclusive perks. Your team invests time in finding donors and securing sponsorship, so it’s worth offering your donors an added incentive to boost their support. 

The benefits of offering perks include standing out to donors and making them feel appreciated, which encourages them to support your cause and increases your donations. 

Check out these incentive ideas for motivating donors. 

Free products

Who doesn’t love a gift? One of the best ways to encourage donations is by offering people a free product. A fantastic way to make your nonprofit memorable is to tie the gift to your organization or event. If you are a nonprofit that supports animals, consider offering donors a gift related to pets, such as a chew toy. 

It’s also essential to know your donor’s preferences. If you’re hosting a sporting event to raise money, a sports-related gift will be most appropriate. If you have a limited budget, consider reserving these gifts for people who donate or raise over a certain amount. Partnering with a for-profit business for specific events will enable you to give gifts that your donors will love. For example, if you partner with the local athletics store to put on a walkathon that brings awareness to your mission, the store may agree to give donors and participants a free lanyard or water bottle. 

Branded swag

Branded swag helps make your nonprofit memorable to your donors. When people sign up to become a regular peer-to-peer fundraiser, you can send them a welcome pack with branded swag that they can use or wear to show their support for your mission. 

Gifting donors with branded merchandise that they can use daily will also create opportunities for more donors. For example, when donors use the mug you gifted them while hosting brunch at their home, it may spark a conversation about your organization with their friends. You already have potential new donors with minimal effort on your part! 

Choose a design and a product that relates to your brand. Think out of the box. You want to gift your donors something personal that makes your nonprofit stand out. 

Personal involvement

Peer-to-peer fundraising lets supporters get involved in the fundraising process. There are also ways that your organization can support peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. For example, you might create a website or online group where fundraisers and supporters can show their progress toward reaching their fundraising goals. You can also allow each fundraiser to create their own page where people can donate.

You can also allow fundraisers to work more hands-on with your organization. Some of your donors may want the opportunity to interact with your nonprofit and see for themselves the work you do. For example, a dog rescue shelter often allows donors to walk and interact with their dogs. You can even invite donors to join you on field operations, site visits, or any other travel needed to achieve your mission. Their experience creates a stronger bond between them and your nonprofit community. 

You might also allow fundraisers and donors to become more involved by awarding them temporary leadership roles within your organization. For example, consider inviting a donor to be a speaker or to introduce the keynote speaker at a big event. Remember to be clear about the involvement you allow your donors to have. 

exvlusive perks

Exclusive perks

Another way to boost your peer-to-peer fundraising ideas is to offer people exclusive perks. Donors want to feel special, and offering them an extra is a sure way to get them excited if you’re hosting an event. You can provide regular donors or sponsors special VIP seating, free parking, or lounge access before and after the event with beverages, networking opportunities, and an opportunity to meet the keynote speaker or performers. Discounts on tickets and early-bird access also make for amazing perks. 

The great thing about exclusive perks is that other people will also want to get involved. These perks will incentivize other people to become regular donors, especially once they see that you value and appreciate your donors. 

You can also give donors exclusive access to parts of an event. For example, if you are hosting a silent auction, you might give your donors a sneak peek into the available items before the event so that they can plan ahead. You might also hold an exclusive silent auction for your donors, which can help you secure funds and encourage your donors to have fun. 

Direct recognition

Every nonprofit should take the time to recognize and show appreciation to its donors. This recognition is essential because it shows donors that you notice their support. A handwritten letter or a phone call are inexpensive ways that your organization can show your appreciation. 

Social media is also a powerful tool. Post pictures and tag donors when they come and volunteer, tag them in photos from your events, and share their fundraising stories. People can also share your social media posts on their pages, creating greater awareness for your nonprofit. For example, if you’re running a clothing drive, you can share stories of people who donate. 

For your most loyal and regular donors, a plaque or even naming an award or scholarship after them is an excellent way to emphasize how much you value their support. 

Many organizations recognize sponsors and donors on their websites. Your website is essentially the online face of your nonprofit, and it’s the perfect place to showcase your gratitude. This recognition is ideal for larger-scale partnerships. It shows other potential sponsors whom you align with and can help build trust if they see certain people or businesses they know and trust sponsor you. 


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