How does GiveSmart stack up against Qgiv and Classy?

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There are many technologies available that facilitate your online fundraising. Some offer limited options at an affordable price. Others don’t have auction capabilities or guest management features to best support your cornerstone fundraisers. 

And then there’s GiveSmart, the built to grow fundraising solution that’s helped charities raise over $3.8 billion.  

There are some key differences between fundraising solutions like Classy, Qgiv, and GiveSmart that you should consider when deciding which solution will work best for your nonprofit and your donors. 

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Ease of use

GiveSmart is the trusted partner to best support you and your goals. With elements like drag and drop page building, Backstage - a one-screen admin event management tool, bulk image upload for auction management, one-click guest closeout, and more – GiveSmart was built with your staff’s capacity in mind.  

Limited admin accounts with Classy and a lack of “out of the box” features with Classy and Qgiv make fundraising campaign setup clunky and lacking available options to better fundraise.  

GiveSmart supports your fundraising both in and #OutsideTheRoom. While you can level up your events with additional services, the GiveSmart platform is simple to use not only for your staff and volunteers but your donors as well.  

Customer support and guidance

Due to subscription timelines and limits, regular, dependable support is limited at Qgiv and Classy, limiting the ways you can fundraise.

Support on the weekends or evenings also costs extra with Classy and Qgiv. Your events shouldn't be limited by your fundraising vendor. 

You deserve support when you need it. We know that you and your volunteers do work during off-hours for your cause. GiveSmart’s Help Center offers hundreds of on-demand training and guides. Our support team is available 24/7. We offer industry-expert monthly customer-only live webinars and foster a dedicated Community of like-minded, dedicated fundraisers. 

With a customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating of 97%, GiveSmart is the trusted and reliable solution for you and your donors.  

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Auctions, mobile bidding & event guest management

Guest registration with the Qgiv app is cumbersome.Your guests deserve a better check in experience.

Classy auctions through Classy live are limited.

With GiveSmart, you receive both as a part of your subscription. And, they're tested  and user-friendly. No addons required. Our guest management allows you to assign seating or groups, text specific guests, as well as offer contactless check-in 

At GiveSmart, we’ve supported tens of thousands of auctions. Our auction and mobile bidding pieces feature easy-to-use item procurement, an engaging leaderboard, easy to surf auction catalogs, contactless check-out, and more.  


GiveSmart data exports allow importing into several different CRM solutions.  

And, GiveSmart’s integrations reach beyond CRMs. Our platform integrates with livestreaming tools to best support your dynamic, exciting event. You can directly imbed videos from Canva Video, Facebook Live, YouTube, YouTube Live, and Vimeo Livestream. This is included with every GiveSmart subscription.  

We also integrate with Google Analytics, giving you powerful insight into your traffic and fundraising multi-campaign success. Better shape your strategy and plans! This is also included with every GiveSmart subscription. 


Included features

GiveSmart supports 5,000+ nonprofits a year, of all shapes and sizes. Our one subscription includes unlimited fundraising campaigns – be it auctions, donation campaigns, fundraising events, peer-to-peer fundraising, voting competitions, golf outings, and galas. GiveSmart doesn’t limit how many administrators you can have, so any needed staff and volunteers can set up and run your events. And, with bi-monthly updates, GiveSmart grows with you.  

If you want to host more than one fundraiser at a time, operate without limits to how many you can have a year and without extra (and surprise) fees - - Classy and Qgiv wouldn’t work for you. Even at the highest tier, there are additional costs to get the features to equal those offered by Givesmart.  

Look for a solution that can support you now and help you grow in the future. There will always be interruptions – weather, closures, and more. We’re the better choice for all of your in-person, virtual, and hybrid fundraising. 

“GiveSmart allows us to have ongoing fundraising throughout the year via technology such as text to donate and text to bid. It provides excellent reporting features and tracks all event revenue sources. GiveSmart works well for events- both in-person and virtual. It has all features needed to execute a successful event.” Amber B., Neighborhood Healthcare 

Seek a partner that invests in regular updates, fully supports and listens to its customers, is feature-heavy to meet your changing needs, and puts your donors first.  You and your mission deserve that!  

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But wait there's more!

GiveSmart and MobileCause have teamed up to offer the Elevate Fundraising package. With two of the leading fundraising platforms at your fingertips, you can empower your team to hit your goals and spread your mission. 

With backgrounds in strategic marketing and nonprofit fundraising, a team of experts can help you develop and implement your fundraising campaign strategy. Customers who leveraged additional services raised an average of 65% more in 2021.

  • Personalized Training for platform administrators
  • Campaign Management to maximize fundraising value
  • Digital Fundraising Services to accelerate campaign strategies 
  • Live Remote Service during an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event 
  • Event Team Training to empower your event team

Create lasting connections with donors through effortless digital fundraising.

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Choose our Industry-Leading fundraising solution

We’re with you every step of the way

GiveSmart provides an unparalleled experience of support, every step of the way.

From planning your event and brainstorming creative ideas to configuring your silent auction software and training your team to use it, we are committed to your success.

Our live support team helps facilitate your event(s) so that your donors feel comfortable and bid with confidence on your silent auction items.

We see ourselves as a partner to the organizations that we serve, and the billions of dollars raised by thousands of organizations over the least last eight years are a testament to that commitment.

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