What Happens Next

Congratulations, Your Payment Processing Application was Received! What Happens Next?

Q:  What happens next?
A: Now that you have applied for an account, we will be checking the information you provided against publicly available databases to make sure that the information is correct.  This process is also known as KYC- Know Your Customer- and is required under US Federal law to make sure that anyone accepting payments online are who they say they are, and it also reduces fraudulent activity.


Q:  How long will it take?
A: A typical application usually only takes 1-2 business days, but in certain cases- such as difficultly confirming the organizations’ credentials- it may take longer.  If you are in need of payment processing immediately, please call us at 1-888-600-9406.


Q:  Will I receive any notice?
A: Yes.  You will receive automated emails from our payment processing partner, iATS.  You should keep these emails for your records.  In addition, when you are approved you will receive a notice from SimplyFundraisingCRM and you can then immediately start collecting payments!

Note:  You will receive an encrypted email from iATS shortly after you submit your processing application- it is safe to click through and download your completed application for your records:



Q:  How do I collect payments with SimplyFundraisingCRM?
A: It’s easy!  Once you have been notified of your approval, you can start entering credit card payments by either entering the card information- say from a donor over the phone- when you add a gift in the system.  Just click on “Credit Card” when you create a new gift.

You can also create a “Magic Link” to send to anyone, post on your website, or share with social media.  Simply click on “Collect Donations” in the main menu to start the process.  In fact, you can send emails directly from SimplyFundraisingCRM to your donors!  This way, they get a custom email from you, and their demographic information is already filled out on their behalf- all they need to do is enter a credit card number!  This makes it easy for you to send donation/payment requests, and easy for the donor to make a payment via a secure link.


Q:  OK, great- once I process payments, how long until we receive the money?
A: All payments processed are ‘settled’ overnight and your organization’s bank account will be debited the payment amount in 1-2 business days.