Move your mission with digital wallets

GiveSmart now accepts Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™

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80,000+ donors giving every month
estimated digital wallet users by 2025
$5.3+ billion raised
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Three in 10 nonprofits recently shared with us for our research study that their giving experience is too time-consuming.  And another two in 10 say it is frustrating, as well.   

Why settle for time-consuming and frustrating? 

GiveSmart now accepts both Apple Pay and Google Pay as an included part of our Plans.* Our goal is to make giving to your organization easier, quicker, and more secure than ever!  

*Apple Pay is accepted across all parts of the platform, Google Pay is only accepted as a part of our Champion and Expert plans as of 7/2022.

Digital Wallet Benefits

Make giving easy for your supporters 

Convenient for donors from the ballroom to the golf course and living room

No need to type or swipe

Built right into checkout, making giving faster than ever

Digital wallets use tokenization, so your donors’ credit card number is never actually shared with a merchant, adding an extra layer of security and protection

PCI and SOC 2 compliant