Growth and sustainability webinar

[Product Demo] How GiveSmart Can Support Year-Round Growth and Sustainability

Does your organization worry about sustainability with your fundraising efforts and annual events? Do you need to consider new options for revenue and features to engage your donors?

Join us for a 30-minute demo as we dive into the dynamic capabilities of GiveSmart and discover how it can empower your organization to achieve stable growth throughout the year.

In this live demo, we will explore the comprehensive functionalities of GiveSmart, designed to streamline your fundraising efforts and drive long-term sustainability. From dynamic landing pages to optimized auctions, we’ll show you firsthand how GiveSmart can revolutionize your fundraising strategy and propel your organization toward continued success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of GiveSmart and take your nonprofit to new heights of growth and sustainability.


Chelsey Wilson

As Senior Product Marketing Manager for GiveSmart, Chelsey is driven to understand the unique challenges and needs of the modern nonprofit organization and is excited to contribute to a team that is creating solutions that empower mission-driven organizations. Chelsey loves diving into market research and competitive sleuthing to uncover the latest trends and strategies that will help organizations thrive. Her background in the nonprofit space, as well as marketing and event management, gives her perspective and insight to apply research to real-world scenarios. This serves Chelsey’s passion for supporting nonprofits and the missions that help our communities thrive.

Madison Kautman is the Senior Campaign Manager for GiveSmart and a fundraising professional with a passion for the arts and culture sector. Before joining the GiveSmart team, Madison worked within many nonprofit organizations including art galleries, art museums, children’s museums, and a healthcare clinic. In addition, she was a GiveSmart customer for about two years, utilizing the platform to facilitate many events and fundraisers to make a difference in her community.