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"Stay true to the mission of your organization and ask people to give to specific needs. You will inspire more giving!"

– Liesl Gray Manone, Operations Director 



With just one full-time and two part-time employees, Don’t Forget to Feed Me needed an easy way to empower donors to give online in response to specific campaigns throughout the year. They figured that the easiest way to get donors to give was online and began searching for a company that offered text-to-give.


Enter [GiveSmart], who helped the small team create campaign-specific donation pages with corresponding text-to-give keywords. Then [GiveSmart] suggested they promote the keywords across their website, emails, and social media channels to stimulate giving. The online donation forms were incredibly simple, making it easy for donors of all ages to give!


By making it easy for donors to give online or from their mobile device (text-to-give) in response to campaigns and asks throughout the year, Don’t Forget to Feed Me raised $42,200 in donations from over 550 donors, plus 25 recurring gifts. This money provided pet food for those in need, whether someone who cannot afford to feed their pet or a local pet food bank running low on funds.

Smiling African American woman using digital tablet.

The mission of Don’t Forget to Feed Me is to supply pet food to local agencies in support of pet owners. By providing pet food for those in need, during challenging financial times, we offer an option to surrendering – or worse, abandoning – a family pet. To donate to this cause, click here.

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Sydney,Australia - August 24,2014: Competitors in the 'Color Run' fun run in Centennial Park. Runners are doused in coloured powder, bubbles and water as they run the 5K course.

Disclaimer: This case study originally featured a nonprofit that used MobileCause. MobileCause is now fully integrated into the GiveSmart platform. All mentions have been edited to reflect the new naming conventions.  

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