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Keep calm and fundraise on: Preparing for every outcome

Small or large, national or local—no matter the size or mission of your nonprofit, you can be prepared for every scenario. We’ve all learned a lot since March 2020, and one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is to be prepared and to plan for every possible scenario thrown your way. 

In this webinar, we’re going to cover topics like: 

  • How to prepare for a successful event during power outages, storms, and other occurrences that could change the scope and layout of your event 
  • Why planning to have a virtual component from the beginning (in ANY type of event) can help you save the day 
  • Why you should still fundraise even if you have to postpone your event 
  • And more. . .  

Join us to learn more about building your “unforeseen circumstances kit” and learn more about how other organizations have pulled through uncertain circumstances with success. Even if you never need to use your kit, it’s good to know you have it in your back pocket for the future of your organization.