It’s All a Game

It's All a Game Turtl_Cover

Guide to FUN fundraising games for your events and campaigns 

Feeling stuck in a, “This is how we’ve always done it,” loop? 

You don’t have to be.  

If you’re looking for simple fundraising games for your upcoming school event, gala, or other campaigns that will delight your donors, download our guide today! It covers ideas that work for fundraising games both online and in-person.  

Flip through for more: 

  • New ideas for raffles and games of chance such as tricky tray or heads or tails 
  • Creative voting competition examples  
  • Ways to egg someone’s home for donations—for real 
  • And much more! 

Adding games and wrap-around fundraisers inspires giving from both existing donors and new ones. Get unstuck with GiveSmart, and request a demo today.

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