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Personalized Training

Personalized Training

Accelerate your fundraising.

Connect with our team to walk through your organization’s individual goals and use cases.

Learn how you can do more at your events and with your donation campaigns.

Our skilled staff can help you maximize your GiveSmart subscription in support of your mission. 

Starts at point of purchase

Live Remote Service

Want more time to focus on your donors and volunteers? Leave the behind-the-scenes technology management of your event to our experts. Our skilled staff can:

Close out items

Check out guests

Send just-in-time texts

And more to free up your time for what matters most. 

Starts 7 days before your event

Campaign Management

Connect in the months before your signature fundraising campaign. This offering is the premier support you need to maximize your GiveSmart subscription – whether you’re new, need a refresher, or want to turn heads. 

Starts 90 days before your event

Event Team Training

Bring your team, volunteers, and key players together for personalized, private training just before your fundraising event.

Feel more confident in carrying out your day of plan and standing-up future campaigns. 

Have everything recorded for lifetime reference. 

Scheduled ~14 days before event date