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Community brings together nonprofit leaders who aim to accelerate their fundraising through peer examples, industry insights, and relationship building. Our mission is to support each other as the industry adapts and inspire innovative solutions.

     In a time like this, it’s never been more important for nonprofits to connect.  

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Who are our members?  
GiveSmart Community members hold a variety of NPO positions and bring expertise from various missions, including but not limited to, Education, International Affairs, Youth Development, Community Improvement, Medical Disciplines Support & Research, Sports, and Animal Welfare. 

What is included in a GiveSmart Community Membership?

  • Bi-weekly insights email that includes peer campaign examples and insights from GiveSmart’s 5,000+ customers 
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It’s freeMembership is included with your GiveSmart Subscription – all you need to do is register above.  

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Where the Community is finding success:

Running more than
one campaign

Clients that ran more than one campaign raised, on average, 50% more each year.

Running some online-only fundraising campaigns

Engage your donors with exciting and non-traditional “events”.

Capturing the Guest Of your event donors

Acquire new fans, donors, and advocates at your event.

Promoting unsold auction items

Turn unsold live auction items into a stand-alone silent auction.

Establishing an online store

Selling merchandise?
Turn your store digital.


Facilitating some healthy competition

Allow donors to cast their vote
with their donations.