Mobile Bidding & Silent Auction

Your supporters can bid or donate with any mobile device from anywhere, expanding the reach of your auction. Auction revenue increases 30% when switching from paper-hosted to virtually hosted auctions.

Item management 

Manage silent and live auction items in an easy, intuitive solution where you can edit item descriptions and details without having to click around on several pages. Include images and videos with your item descriptions and even add in instant buy items!


Donors can easily pay for won items and donations – right from their phones. Self-checkout allows donors to pick their payment method and process their payment before they even approach your team to pick up their auction winnings.

Mobile Bidding
Auction Leaderboard Display

A live updated leaderboard showing the leading bids on your silent auction items is useful to drive interest, while you can also feature items that have not yet received bids.

Item Procurement

Track and manage auction items and their donors with our optimized campaign dashboard, making the procurement process more efficient and less stressful.

mobile bidding
Celebrate leading bids

Your donors deserve to be celebrated! When they make the leading bid on any auction item, you can have confetti or fireworks appear over their screen, letting them visually know your excitement and gratitude.

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Smart item packaging

Configurable item packages enable you to create packages by automatically combining information for individual items that are already within the system, allowing you to seamlessly level up your auction offerings. 

Buy it now

Do you have auction items that people WANT? Set a “buy it now” price above fair market value, and a winner can buy it outright and close the bidding. Any items that do not have winners at the end of the evening can also have “buy it now” prices set so that you maximize your revenue. 

Silent or live

There is no limit to the number of items you can offer. With fully customizable categories and an on-brand look and feel. And, with the ability to allow your guests to preview items, you can open live auction bidding when the auctioneer is ready. No matter where people physically are, they can bid on anything you offer!

Max bid

Bidders can set a maximum bid threshold. This ensures that they have a prime opportunity to win a wanted item and allows them to immerse themselves into your event or program – which sets the stage for overall increased revenue. 

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Look and feel

Make each auction item, raffle item, and vote candidate stand out with images and videos. The easy upload and design, which can be done on your phone and the fly (for those last-minute item additions), makes your site powerful and impactful on your fundraising. 

Outbid notifications

Bidders automatically receive text alerts when they have been outbid on a silent auction item, ensuring your auction revenue is maximized. With preset, fixed bid increments, your team doesn’t have to manage bidder mistakes. And, with guests not having to walk back and forth to a table to place bids, they have more time to engage with your program and event.

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No bid item reminders

Organization administrators can send texts with an item catalog featuring items without any bids. This snapshot highlights these opportunities to encourage and accelerate giving. 

GiveSmart Event Mobile Friendly
Bid from any device

Donors bid directly from their mobile devices, laptops, or tablets. By incorporating mobile bidding and giving with your auction, events instantly become more interactive and exciting –– without the back and forth to the auction table.

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Preview items

Share your catalog of auction items in advance of bidding being open so that guests can peruse and make a list of what items they want. This is also available for live auction items. This option makes the guest experience better and frees up their time during your event or program to participate in other revenue-generating activities – like a paddle raise, raffle, and more. 

Premier Items

Highlight certain items for your audience, that would be more likely to have higher interest, higher engagement, and more bidding. You can open the bidding for these items ahead of your full auction to increase overall visibility and participation.