Nov 4, 2022

Why In-Person Fundraising Matters

why in-person fundraising matters

Why are fundraising events important? On the most basic level, fundraising events allow your nonprofit to raise money for a campaign. You can hold these events in several ways, including online and hybrid, but in-person events offer unique benefits that make them worthwhile. 

While any fundraiser is sure to benefit your cause, in-person fundraising offers particular benefits for you and your supporters. Learn how in-person fundraising events are beneficial and why hosting in-person events is essential for your organization.

6 in-person fundraising benefits

6 In-Person Fundraising Benefits

While raising money is typically the top priority regarding fundraising, there are several other benefits of doing so in person. As in-person fundraising becomes an option again post social distancing, take some time to remind yourself how hosting fundraisers in person is beneficial. 

1. Build Relationships

Relationships are an essential part of fundraising and operating a nonprofit organization. They’re the lifeblood of your events and make it possible to run them smoothly and successfully. 

Fundraising is only possible with the help of numerous volunteers behind the scenes and just as many attendees offering their support. From the volunteers setting up tables and filling goody bags to the attendees participating in your events and making monetary donations, these individuals are forming a relationship with your event and organization. The more they volunteer or participate in events, the stronger their support becomes. 

Hosting in-person fundraisers allows volunteers and attendees to build and strengthen their relationship with your cause. As their relationships strengthen, these individuals will be more likely to volunteer their time, resources, effort, and money to your organization. 

2. Donor and Sponsor Recognition

Your donors and sponsors are vital to the success of your events — you need their support to help you reach your goals. Thanking your donors and sponsors is always a top priority. Doing so shows them how valuable they are to your cause and how much you appreciate their contributions and support. While there are many ways you can thank and recognize your donors and sponsors, recognizing them at an in-person fundraising event is often one of the best options.

Recognizing donors and sponsors in front of a crowd at your in-person event benefits you and your sponsors. Donors and sponsors love in-person recognition because it provides exposure for their brand through what they’re doing for your organization. When others see what a donor or sponsor has done for you, they may want to pursue a relationship with the same sponsor, which means more business for them. Meanwhile, hearing about what your current donors and sponsors have done can help encourage more attendees to follow in their footsteps! 

3. Expand your Network

In-person events are beneficial because they allow you to expand your support network. You’ll likely invite all your existing donors, and in-person events are the perfect opportunity for your supporters to bring others who may be interested in joining your cause. 

For example, you tell one of your current donors about your event. In turn, they mention the event to one of their friends who has expressed an interest in your organization. This friend is more likely to come to your event if they hear about it through someone they know and trust. With this mindset and network expansion method, you’ll be able to increase attendance at your events and find new supporters willing to make contributions. 

In-person events are also ideal for networking. Share your values, goals and needs with new and established supporters to encourage their future support, and raise awareness for your organization.

4. Increase Engagement

Many of your donors may be creatures of habit, simply making their yearly donation and requiring little attention. While it’s wonderful that they share the same passion for your cause, keeping them engaged with your organization can encourage them to donate more for particular events or even participate in fundraising on your behalf

Interacting only through online donations and email chains can create a limited experience. While your donors and supporters may or may not read a monthly newsletter, in-person events invite them to actively participate in your fundraising events and engage with your organization on a more personal level. 

In addition to increased engagement with your event and organization, in-person events allow your donors to increase their engagement with each other. Meeting and engaging with others who support the same cause can help foster connection and a sense of community. 

5. Boost Existing Campaigns

In-person fundraising events don’t need to be for a brand-new campaign every time — they can be great opportunities to boost existing campaigns. 

For example, you may send an email around Earth Day every year asking donors to make a donation in honor of the holiday. While you raise some money with these donations, you want to elevate the funds you raise for this campaign. Rather than creating a new campaign, you can host an in-person event where volunteers can meet to clean up a local park and make donations to your existing campaign.

This use of in-person events is resourceful and adds a new twist to campaigns you’ve been promoting the same way for some time. Donors that typically give to these existing campaigns will be encouraged to participate and see how their help got you to this point.

6. Appeal to Social Donors

Another benefit of in-person fundraising events is that they attract social donors, who may hear about your events through social media or someone in their social network. These are the donors that consistently attend your events and make contributions. Social donors thrive on the networking and relationship-building aspects of in-person events, which is part of what drives them to your events. 

Another positive aspect of attracting social donors is that many of them are willing to make first-time donations. For example, if you can get a group of new social donors to your event, at least one is likely to donate even if they aren’t familiar with your organization. 

host your next in-person event with givesmart

Host your next in-person event with GiveSmart

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From ticket and donor management to campaign and event management, we have the solutions and features to help your event run smoothly from the moment you imagined it through completion. Request a demo to start reaping the benefits of GiveSmart today!


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