Black Lives Matter is more than a global movement. It’s deeply personal, fraught with potential missteps and easy to get wrong. At Community Brands, we realize it’s too important not to try.

We proudly affirm that Black Lives Matter and to commemorate the anniversary of Juneteenth and to support a dialogue around racial justice, Community Brands Nonprofit Solutions is the exclusive sponsor of a special event hosted by The Nonprofit Times:

The Role of Nonprofits in Racial Equity 

Moderated by: Paul Clolery (Editorial Director, NPT Publishing)

Monday, June 22 | 2pm ET

Joining the panel will be:

  1. Brian Gallagher, President & CEO of United Way Worldwide
  2. Marc Morial, President & CEO of the National Urban League
  3. Ben Jealous, President & CEO of People For The American Way
  4. Kristen Clarke, President & Executive Director of The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
  5. Naomi Wadler, Student/Activist

We’d love for you to join us in the conversation.

Ongoing, watch this space as we regularly spotlight our customers on the frontlines fighting injustice. We know this is just the beginning. We will continue to work to support our customers in their important work.

Brandon Stec is the Director of Marketing at GiveSmart and an Indiana University graduate who's worked across sports and tech over the last decade. Brandon has sat on several boards of Nonprofits in Chicago and Kansas City. He resides in Chicago with his wife, son, and dog, Mango, and is a published author.
Brandon Stec