Nov 2, 2021

How to Run a Man or a Woman of the Year Campaign

person of the year campaign

how to run a man or a women of the year campaign

TIME magazine is well-known for selecting groups or individuals who have had the most influence in the world over the last year. Editors of TIME gather together to consider many factors in their decision, including the opinions of their readers through polls. The winner is publicly announced with the coveted title of Person of the Year. 

If you plan to run a person of the year campaign, you may be wondering where to start. Refer to this guide for useful strategies and information about running a successful campaign to be a woman of the year or a man of the year. 

What is the Person of the Year Award? 

TIME began the annual tradition of awarding someone the Person of the Year award back in 1928 as a way to find someone to write about when there was a slow period for news. The idea of featuring someone who had great influence during the previous year was born. While the initial award began as “Man of the Year”, the first “Woman of the Year” was featured in 1937. By 1999, the title became the gender-neutral version, “Person of the Year”.  

The title of Person of the Year is typically awarded to someone who has had the most impact on the news and lives of the public, whether good or bad. Overall, they symbolize what was most significant about the past 12 months, positive or negative. Not all who win the award are universally liked or respected. Regardless, they are known for leaving their mark on the world for years to come, earning them warranted recognition. 

While TIME is famous for its version, other organizations and towns also award their own prize with the same concept in mind, though they can greatly vary. Awards can range from lighthearted to serious. Different categories appear, such as “Business Person of the Year,” “Man and Woman of the Year” and more. Prominent organizations such as Junior League chapters and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society often use these awards to recognize volunteers on local and national levels for their life-changing contributions. 

Strategies to Run a Successful Campaign

Running a successful campaign means you have to take a lot of details into consideration. While it may seem as easy as promoting your campaign through online outlets such as websites, ads, and social media sites, you can still miss out on grabbing the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Learn more about how to successfully run a campaign to become the next Man or Woman of the Year with some of these suggestions.

Set a Budget

It is important to know how much you plan to spend on your campaign before you even get started. Knowing this detail will help you when you are trying to figure out which campaigning strategies you will choose. Select the methods of advertising your campaign that will best suit you, but also be sure to keep realistic expectations of cost. 

Design an Action Plan

making an action plan

Good organization can make a big difference when it comes to successful campaigns. Making a plan of action and putting it on paper can help you know what you’ll be doing and when you plan to do it. 

Not only will it help you with sticking to your budget, but it will also allow you the chance to see the progress of your campaign. This strategy can also help other members of your campaign team, such as co-workers, friends, and family to know what is supposed to happen during the campaign period. 

Do a Soft Campaign Launch

Soft launching your campaign can give it the chance to build momentum before going public. Introduce your volunteers who are vying for the coveted title. People are more likely to donate to your campaign if you have some money raised beforehand. It can also give you the chance to identify any areas of improvement within your campaign. 

Asking for your supporters’ opinions on your soft launch can be a way to gather valuable insight for making your campaign even better. By the time you are ready to officially launch to the public and a wider range of potential supporters, you will have mostly perfected your campaign. 

Remain Front and Center 

It is in your campaign’s best interest to make it obvious that your campaign is unique to you. However, you will want your supporters to be able to recognize that your fundraiser is connected to your organization or group. That being said, you can design your very own logo that consists of the colors of your group or organization. This personalized design will help especially with recognition across a variety of marketing platforms. 

Celebrate Campaign Milestones

Campaigning can be stressful at times. Remember that identifying and celebrating the milestones your campaign reaches along the way is just as important as the end goal. Set incremental goals that your campaign team can aim to reach within your action plan and be sure to take time to celebrate them as they are reached. These goals will help you and everyone else to maintain a positive attitude the whole way through the campaign. 

Choosing GiveSmart

At GiveSmart, we want to help organizations to make a positive change in the world. We are committed to helping improve the world we live in, and we are passionate about the success of our customer’s goals to make those improvements possible. 

When it comes to understanding fundraising technology, we know that there is a lot to figure out. That is why GiveSmart is dedicated to providing you with solutions to help you run a successful fundraising campaign. Our goal is to help nonprofits and other organizations to reach their fundraising goals through engaging, compelling, and easy-to-donate experiences. Campaigning should not be difficult and donating shouldn’t be either. We do our absolute best to ensure a smooth campaign for you and your supporters. 

Learn More Today

GiveSmart is the leading, user-friendly solution for fundraising software. Through our seamless technology, your donors can donate with ease and confidence. We offer a wide range of tools to suit whatever your campaign needs may be, such as:

  • Virtual and hybrid fundraising
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  • Data and integration
  • Ticket and guest management
  • Campaign and event management 

Whether you are planning your next big campaign event or want some help with creating an action plan, the experienced team at GiveSmart can help you achieve your fundraising goals. To learn more about how GiveSmart can assist your campaign, contact us today

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