Some would say it is not about how the auction looks, but instead, what items are available to bid on. At GiveSmart, we consider every speck of detail that’s crucial to maximize the opportunity to raise the full potential of donor dollars. It is important to not only package your silent auction items properly but also to show them off in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Below are some tips on how to display your silent auction items at your event:

1. Item display sheets. For items that are not present, or do not have a physical display (i.e. certificates, trips, gift cards), framed item display sheets should be used to inform your guests that these items are available in the auction.

2. Tiered items. If you are at a venue with limited space, create tiers of items so you can still show off all your wonderful items.

3. Eye level. Not only does it help your donors’ posture, but by elevating your items to eye level, you are elevating the quality perception of your auction items. This makes it easier to identify items across a big room as well.

4. Catchy/concise item descriptions. You don’t need to be a wordsmith to describe auction items in an appealing way, but you do need to take into account different ways to describe simple items without confusing donors.

With these tips in mind, feel free to reach out to your GiveSmart Customer Success Manager or one of our Account Executives as you start planning your next event. The GiveSmart Team is here to help and hopefully, this information helps strategize your next silent auction.

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Kelsey Woodworth is the Content Marketing Manager for GiveSmart and an Auburn University graduate. Her finger is on the pulse daily for innovations in fundraising, community building, donor relations, and event trends. Kelsey lives in New York City.
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