Jul 15, 2022

How fundraising brings people together

Brings people together
how fundraising bring people together

Fundraising is an important and necessary part of any nonprofit organization. It can bring people together for a good cause and ultimately lead to positive change. 

Community building is crucial for nonprofits because it establishes ongoing relationships and support for the mission. Without it, organizations wouldn’t reach as many individuals or produce the same results. Focusing your nonprofit’s efforts on strengthening your fundraising community can lead to more donations and a greater network of support for your organization’s goals. 

A strong sense of community and wildly successful fundraising endeavors go hand-in-hand. Learn more about the ways fundraising can bring people together and inspire deeper connections. 

The value of a community

When someone feels they are part of a strong community, it inspires a sense of connection and belonging that is very important for personal happiness and fulfillment. 

People can feel isolated and lonely without a sense of community, and studies show that loneliness can lead to adverse health conditions, including depression and a weakened immune system. To experience a sense of community, people often need to feel they bond over one of the following:

  • An attitude
  • A value
  • A goal

These things can inspire a sense of social connection and build interpersonal relationships essential for living a full and content life.

The value of community for nonprofits

There are about 1.8 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. To stand out from the crowd and inspire people to support your mission, your nonprofit must work on creating a meaningful community. Having a common interest and goal can boost donor loyalty and consistency. 

The psychology of giving

There have been hundreds of studies dedicated to the psychology of giving. Many conclude that people rarely give to nonprofits without some sort of motivating factor, such as:

  • Solving a problem they care about.
  • Enhancing their public reputation.
  • Feeling connected to the mission.

Why people give

There are a few common reasons why people donate to charity and nonprofit organizations, and they mostly revolve around the idea of bringing people together. These reasons include:

  • Morality: Some people feel a moral duty to do the right thing and give selflessly to others as a form of altruism.
  • Ego: A person gives because it makes them feel good or because it will look good to others.
  • Social dynamics: People donate because their peers encouraged them to, or it makes them feel more accepted. 
  • Impact: People are likely to give when they can clearly see how their donation will help make a difference or impact. 
  • Relatability: Some individuals donate because they feel connected to the mission due to personal experience.
  • Fear of missing out: Some people choose to give because they fear being left out of a community or missing out on the fun. 

Luckily, the nature of nonprofits makes it a little easier to inspire people to give. These organizations can unite individuals in two major ways — bringing them to a shared physical space and teaming up for a common cause. 

Why is fundraising important?

While it can sometimes be stressful encouraging people to make donations to a nonprofit organization, fundraising is an essential part of keeping these operations running. Here are some of the reasons why fundraising is so important:

  • Funding nonprofit missions
  • Paying for operational costs
  • Helping develop programs
  • Making improvements to the organization
  • Bringing people together

Fundraising is truly the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization. It is a crucial part of raising awareness about your mission and work. Without a transparent and practical strategy for fundraising, nonprofits are likely to struggle to meet their goals and leave a meaningful impact on the community. 

Fundraising is truly the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization

How to strengthen your fundraising community

Strengthening your fundraising community is an essential part of ensuring your nonprofit organization has the support needed to continue operations. Consider these tips to boost your community:

1. Be clear and specific about your cause

Be clear about why fundraising is important for your cause. Show people exactly where their money is going and the reasons why their donation is truly needed. Don’t be vague about your mission or the work your nonprofit does. People are more likely to give bigger donations if you describe the impact of their contribution to them. 

You can enhance your fundraising community by giving them easy-to-follow directions for where to donate. Look for ways to make your donation process as simple and effortless as possible. The goal is to make the journey from interest to donation as straightforward and clear as you can.

2. Include non-monetary donations

You can strengthen your fundraising community by incorporating non-monetary donations. Not all of your nonprofit’s supporters will be able to afford to give money to your organization. It can be beneficial to offer multiple ways to contribute to reaching your goals. 

In addition to fundraising ideas, you can offer different ways to contribute to your organization’s mission, such as:

  • Signing a petition.
  • Volunteering.
  • Promoting your nonprofit on social media.
  • Sending your donation page to others.
  • Hosting digital events.
  • Helping with social media or website content.

Your supporters will likely be willing to help you in other ways if they can’t donate money. Also, be sure to encourage donations of any size. Every donation matters — even very small dollar amounts are valuable in establishing meaningful donor relationships. 

3. Reach out to your local community

Another way to strengthen your fundraising efforts is by reaching out to your local community for support. Your organization and local community already have the shared interests needed to establish meaningful connections. Turn to local businesses and see if there are any willing to share your mission with their customers and participate in your fundraising efforts. People want to uplift their neighbors and come together for something important in their community. 

4. Uplift your supporters

To strengthen your fundraising community, you need to empower your supporters. The best fundraising motivation is feeling like your contribution is solving a real problem and creating positive change in the world. 

If you want to get more support, spotlight your donors and make them feel like superheroes. An easy way to uplift your donors is by giving them the recognition they deserve and celebrating their positive impacts. 

Build your community with GiveSmart 

Building a community is essential for nonprofit efforts. GiveSmart fundraising software can help your organization establish strong relationships with your supporters and donors with a variety of services.

Our comprehensive fundraising platform lets you facilitate many different kinds of nonprofit events, from raffles to golf tournaments. We help your organization find new and exciting ways to inspire donors and promote your mission. 

Are you interested in seeing how GiveSmart can help your organization build a meaningful community? Request a demo of our fundraising software solution today!

Build your community with GiveSmart


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