We all love a little competition, right? Hosting a contest or competition is a fun way to engage your community while doing a little fundraising. Voting campaigns can include: 

  • Doppelganger competitions 
  • Voting for your favorite in a competition (singer, dancer, painter, etc.) 
  • Voting for an organization’s next project 
  • Recipe cook-offs 
  • Voting for your favorite virtual bartender or cocktail recipe 
  • Voting for a virtual/viral competition (Chalk Art, Magic Moments) 
  • Holiday décor competition
  • Naming decision (like if a baby Panda is born at the zoo)

The Humane Society of Utah hosted a doppelganger contest for some of the furry friends available for adoption and supporters would cast their votes for $1 per vote. 


These competitions can stand be stand-alone campaigns, or they can coincide with a live or virtual event if you’re focusing your fundraiser around a dance, singing, or performance contests. Like with the pet doppelganger, supporters then cast their vote – for a small donation – to their favorite performers or artist.  


Holy Angels is asking supporters to cast their votes for their favorite recipes as a part of their TASTE Virtual Chef Recipe Contest.  



Whatever you’re asking your supporters to vote for, make it fun! Include photos and descriptions for each voting “item” that they’ll view. Or, you can have the voting coincide with a live stream or live event. When there is excitement built up around voting, more of your donors are likely to participate. The more they vote, the more they contribute to your cause!


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