Oct 19, 2021

3 Halloween fundraisers you can setup in minutes


Pumpkins glimmer. Werewolves howl. Ghost says boo.  

With fall in full swing, fundraising in this season offers the opportunity to be creative, have fun, and raise some money for your mission. It is always a good idea to do something extra between your BIG annual event(s) and end-of-year giving.  

In flies Halloween on a broom. 

This fun holiday offers a lot of themed moments to inspire giving! Here are three simple ideas, straight from your nonprofit peers.  

B-8. B-I-N-G-O 

The Hyacinth Foundation hosted a series of family-friendly, virtual Bingo games in 2020 and 2021. You can hear more about what made them successful in this short webinar recording. 

You can make virtual bingo happen, too! Have a fundraising platform that allows you to set up registration that includes the option to buy extra cards on an order form. Decide on the number of rounds and type of gameplay you’ll have, as well as the prizes.  

Then, send players their cards for all the rounds, as well as any additional ones they purchased. Players can print them out or copy them by hand. You’ll know who got what, so you can verify when you hear that B-I-N-G-O call.


Selfie scavenger hunt  

This fundraiser is an all-ages hit!  

Setup a registration page and/or peer-to-peer fundraising page. Share fall-themed items – as pictured here — that people have to find and then take a selfie with. Then they upload their photos and tag your nonprofit and use a hashtag you share (did someone say easy promotion and awareness?) 

Then you give prizes or draw for a prize for the team that completed the scavenger hunt under the deadline, the team with the best group costume, the team with the most fundraising, and more!   

Hear more from The Oxford Kids Foundation in this webinar for how they made this donor-directed event happen. 

Pet costume contest 

Cat burglar. Watch dog. There are many punny costumes for pets! 

With a voting competition, your supporters can give again and again to choose their favorites. Supporters can enter their pets (or humans if you want to do a contest for two-legged friends). They will have to provide you with a photo. Your voting contest can be open to donors no matter if you’re doing a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event.  

Then, donors cast their votes by donation. Curious what revenue a voting competition could raise? Take GiveSmart’s Fundraising Accelerator for a spin. 

There is nothing spooky about these fundraisers. The only things hiding around a corner are revenue, possible new donors, and increased supporter engagement! Looking for a fundraising management system to help you raise more – no matter the season? Get started with GiveSmart today.  



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