[Product Demo] Leverage the Latest Tech:

Drive Impact Using GiveSmart Year-Round


Join GiveSmart experts for a 30-minute demo about all of the features that make GiveSmart the most modern, easy-to-use platform on the market. In this platform tour, our experts will review:

  • Customizable, user-friendly campaign pages for staff and donors
  • Features that allow you to automate your fundraising efforts
  • Seamless reporting and analytics
  • And much more

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Meet the Experts


Kirsten Primozic

Product Operations Manager


As a Product Operations Manager, Kirsten loves to dive into the data and analytics to find the story that it tells. The data does not lie, nor hold any biases, so approaching any project with a clear and defined purpose will allow it to paint the picture that is needed to find the resolution. There is nothing more profound than being able to glean information from a pile of endless spreadsheets.


Tara Kielty

Campaign Manager


Tara Kielty is a Campaign Manager for GiveSmart and a nonprofit marketing professional. With a diverse background, Tara has successfully navigated client-facing responsibilities within emergency services and held various development roles across a spectrum of nonprofit organizations. Tara was also a GiveSmart customer for 3 years before joining the team.