Salsa Labs is Shuttering. Good News? GiveSmart Does It All Better. 

Fundraising, Events, and Donor CRM 



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Return on Investment in the First Year*


Dollars Raised

GiveSmart is the built-to-grow, easy-to-use fundraising and donor management solution that helps you raise more and better engage your donors. When compared to Salsa Labs products, GiveSmart brings key differences that add significant value to your fundraising and donor management toolbox.

*ROI was calculated through GiveSmart customer data comparing average contract value based off of current pricing models with average ROI value in 2022.
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GiveSmart Features for Success 

Some of our highest impact, easy-to-use features are included in every GiveSmart fundraising plan, ensuring your school can find fundraising success.

GiveSmart fundraising plans include:  

  • Unlimited users/admins 
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer campaigns 
  • Text-to-donate  
  • Customizable, embeddable donation forms 
  • Digital wallet payments 
  • Recurring giving options 
  • Robust knowledge base 
  • Volunteer sign-up forms 
  • Digital wallets 
  • Integrations 

Our simple, transparent fundraising plan options also include our award-winning auction, mobile bidding, peer-to-peer campaigns, and guest management features as well as day-of-event support and add-on services if you need them.

“[GiveSmart] is incredibly easy to use, and the training/help that is provided is just what is needed. It is very easy for me to train new admins, and they are able to train their users quickly. Unlimited events have caused us to use the product even more. It is very easy to create an event, so we have used it for much smaller events than we have in other event platforms.”

Rana C., Green Bay Area Catholic Education

Best-in-Class Plans, Support, Services, and Donor CRM

GiveSmart’s fundraising suite meets the needs of the full nonprofit story. Enjoy one contract, one payment, and one vendor partner that provides endless fundraising possibilities.

Our straightforward plans are designed with the modern nonprofit in mind, with an all-in-one, best-in-class CRM, online giving, auction management, and robust reporting features as integral parts of our platform.
Our support team is available when you need them via phone, chat, and email, working those nights and weekends, too.
Our Donor CRM offers an easy-to-use, donor-centered solution that moves your mission forward. Our partners consistently see higher donor retention rates because of our automated thank you wizard and modern, easy-to-use solution.

Salsa Labs products don’t offer auction fundraising, guest management, or add-on services options and they don’t even accept digital wallets—such as Apple Pay and Google Pay—limiting your organization’s potential and reach. Fundraise and connect with your supporters without limits with GiveSmart instead.

Security You Can Trust

Digital wallets—such as Apple Pay and Google Pay— have more layers of security than physical credit cards. While both use technology that ensures the merchant never even sees credit card numbers, digital wallets offer more security by requiring personal characteristics to complete payment that cannot be replicated, like fingerprints and facial recognition.  

GiveSmart accepts digital wallets, while Salsa Labs never has. Digital wallets with GiveSmart allow your donors to easily give from anywhere at any time.   

There is an added layer of security with GiveSmart, as we are PCI and SOC 2 compliant. Our rigid security and privacy standards keep the 80,000+ transactions we process a month safe to best benefit your mission.