Your Go-To Guide for Donor Segmentation 

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Better nurture and engage your donors

Giving trends are a bit bleak, with a steady decline in the overall number of both new donors and retained donors over the past few years. As of 2022, nonprofits are only retaining 43 out of 100 donors year over year. Organizations of all sizes have to grapple with this downward trend. What is a nonprofit to do?

Access your donor data and segment your supporters. Donor segmentation enhances your visibility into your support network, giving you an understanding of people’s motivations and behaviors. Open this guide to learn more about:

  • Using segmentation for smarter donor stewardship
  • Managing successful donor segmentation at your nonprofit organization
  • Smart donor segments to use to increase conversion and retention
  • Generational giving habits and differences
  • And more

With the right donor segmentation plan in place, you’re sure to deepen your donor relationships, stabilizing revenue and increasing growth as you refine your strategy.