Webinar: Turn Data Into Donations

Let’s Make Your Data Work For You.

No organization on the planet has perfect data. Not one. So know this: wherever you are on the data-health spectrum, you still have valuable insights that can super charge your growth. IF you know where to look.

Mine for powerful insights in both yours and the market’s data and become a strategic planner. Inspiration starts here:

Apologies about our brief audio mishap…whoops. From 24:30 “ 26:25 the sound cuts out, so feel free to skip forward through those minutes!

Follow along with Steve Greanias, VP of Account Management at GiveSmart as he covers:

  • How to examine your live, silent auctions, and other fundraising elements
  • What it means to think strategically…in terms of data
  • Analyzing event elements that effect donor decisions
  • Tricks to using what you already have to gain valuable insights