Webinar: Paddles Up: Nailing the Live Appeal

Planning and Executing A Powerful Donation Moment


The Paddle Raise. Live appeal. Cash call. Donation moment.
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No matter how you frame this moment, it’s becoming the most effective way to raise funds and engage your donors at fundraising events. Turn guests into donors with a positive, inclusive, and impactful moment of giving. Planning and delivery are king here…no one wants to hear crickets after asking for donations, right?

We teamed up with Bobby D. and Erin Ward of Inspire Hearts Fundraising to bring you the ins and outs and dos and don’ts for a successful live appeal.

Bobby D. has 30+ years of gala fundraising experience, raised $200+ million, and studied data from 100’s of events.

This webinar covers:

  • How to tell your story
  • Nail the execution of the ask and collect every dollar in the room!
  • Integrating tech and paddles
  • Best practices


Auctioneer, Bobby D. Ehlert and Erin Ward

Bobby D. creates the perfect mission moment. He works with organizations to find their heart and convey it to their guests.  His greatest moment is when he knows that because of their work together he inspired a guest into a life time supporter of the organization.  Opening their eyes, wallets and hearts to forever be the change.

Bobby D. and Erin Ward have 30+ years of gala fundraising experience, raised $200+ million, and studied data from 100’s of events.

These goose bump moments are his favorite.

  • Brings a unique energy, engagement and inspiration to Fundraising Events
  • 16+ Years of Fundraising Consultation and Ambassador Experience
  • Assisted in over 300 Fundraising Events raising over $100 million accumulatively
  • 10,000+ hours of onstage microphone experience
  • Fundraising Strategist Specializing in Fundraising Event Optimization


GiveSmart’s VP of Sales, Dianne Kleber

Dianne has always enjoyed being involved with fundraising events. In fact, she found GiveSmart by Community Brands while she was the co-chair of a large gala for a Chicago independent high school and joined the team. As a volunteer, Dianne sits on the board of Abide In Me, a nonprofit organization supporting adults with disabilities, she is an outreach volunteer for JDRF, and has served on the AFP Chicago Awards Luncheon Committee.