Measuring impact webinar

Measuring Impact: Data-driven Decision Making for Nonprofit Success

Anything is possible in 2024! 

Measuring impact is crucial for nonprofit organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of their fundraising programs, attract funding, and make the impossible, possible. Data-driven decision-making involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting relevant data to inform strategies and actions. 

In this jam-packed data session, we will review:

  • fundraising insights for auctions, peer-to-peer campaigns, recurring giving, and more 
  • provide strategies to make smarter decisions 
  • and share extraordinary customer examples to ignite your 2024 fundraisers and campaigns. 

Susan Gilmartin, President of Nonprofit Solutions, brings over 25 years of global leadership experience in diverse industries. Focused on steering the team to new heights, her commitment goes beyond strategic development, emphasizing a culture thriving on growth. With purpose-built software supporting vital nonprofit missions, Susan’s dedication to growth and supporting remarkable organizations fuels the passion at Community Brands. 

Kelsey Kaszas, Customer Marketing Manager at GiveSmart has over a decade of experience creating impactful connections between brands and their audiences. Beyond the boardroom, she is an avid volunteer for animal rescue organizations. The well-being of our furry friends holds a special place in her heart. Whether it’s organizing fundraising events, spending weekends at the local shelter, or fostering those in need she believes in making a tangible difference in the lives of those who can’t speak for themselves.

Madison Kautman, Senior Campaign Manager for GiveSmart and a fundraising professional with a passion for the arts and culture sector. Before joining the GiveSmart team, Madison worked within many nonprofit organizations including art galleries, art museums, children’s museums, and a healthcare clinic. Madison was also a GiveSmart customer for almost 2 years, working to facilitate many events and fundraisers to make a difference in her community.