Webinar: Implementing Recurring Giving Strategies

Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, recurring giving is a crucial element to most nonprofits, schools, and foundations. This webinar covers strategies that your organization can implement to encourage and obtain more donations through recurring giving. 

Listen to hear:

  • How to encourage and secure more recurring donations
  • Why recurring donations lead to more funds and higher donor retention
  • Ways to promote recurring giving as a campaign, set apart from others

How to increase recurring donations
6 tips for texting your donors
Checklist: pivoting to a virtual fundraiser
Promoting and marketing your fundraising campaigns
Year-round giving: a campaign for every month
Peer-to-peer fundraising

Eric Anderson
Director of Client Services
Eric is a Director of Client Services at GiveSmart and has been living and breathing fundraising events since 2013. He’s personally run 200+ events for a broad spectrum of fantastic causes and has overseen a team that has run thousands of events in the past 7 years. Organizations supporting individuals and families with special needs are particularly close to his heart, and he’ll happily talk about his dog, Penny and his amazing fiance, Julia for hours if you let him.

Kelsey Woodworth
Content Marketing Manager + Senior Event Specialist
Kelsey Woodworth is the Content Marketing Manager and a Senior Event Specialist for GiveSmart by Community Brands. An Auburn University alumna, Kelsey holds degrees in public relations and international business. Before landing at GiveSmart in 2017, her career spanned advertising departments within international media investment firms and marketing for nonprofit organizations. Her finger is on the pulse daily for innovations in fundraising, community building, donor relations, and event trends. Kelsey is passionate about environmental conservation, animal welfare, urban farming, and making tech more accessible. Kelsey lives in New York City and volunteers at the city’s compost center and teaching garden on Governors Island.