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“Given the things that are affecting us as an organization, it makes a huge difference knowing that whoever we're talking to [at GiveSmart] has nonprofit experience ... especially when you talk about donor experience and retention ... People on the GiveSmart team understand. It's people that know the technology piece AND the industry piece. They can help you find a solution that works best for you and your goals.”

- Stephanie K., Development Associate at Bloom Our Youth


Back in the late-2010s, Bloom Our Youth had floundered on their event fundraising management tools, always finding their way back to GiveSmart. It was their favorite; easy and engaging for donors and volunteers to use, and supported their exponential growth for their two distinguished events. As they’ve grown, they looked into consolidating the tools they were using for fundraising.  

The Bloom staff were using multiple credit card processors (with high fees) to process website donations. They also had a separate, patchwork of tools that they used for their partner, peer-to-peer fundraising, and program-specific fundraisers. The team knew they could save money and increase efficiency if they used one platform that could do more. 


The expanded GiveSmart platform offered the tools they needed to save money and raise more. With customizable, embeddable forms and best-in-class peer-to-peer fundraising, the Bloom team was able to better engage with their support network.  

GiveSmart offered them far more than award-winning technology and one vendor, though. Bloom has a small staff and has found the GiveSmart Community Roundtables and connections made have offered them a network of like-minded, hard-working fundraisers who connect to brainstorm and idea share. Bloom is also deeply appreciative that the GiveSmart staff they’ve worked with have first-hand nonprofit experience. It’s meaningful to the Bloom team that their chosen technology partner is not only familiar with the industry but also cares about their success.  

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Bloom Our Youth has been a GiveSmart customer for more than three years. They’ve seen fundraising growth, now use GiveSmart for all of their fundraising campaigns, have more recently found opportunities to try new things, and have found success ever since. 

It is a good thing they had familiarity with GiveSmart prior to the height of the pandemic when their Bloom Closet program found themselves overflowing with in-kind donations and the resulting increased awareness for their mission. They found themselves with willing volunteers and fundraisers, and the expanded GiveSmart platform allowed them to set up branded giving opportunities for these partners to use.  

Bloom already had all of the tools they needed to best support their growth. All donor information aggregation, reporting, and payment processing were done by one vendor, making it easy for their team to track, manage, and scale these initiatives.  

Bloom also has committed to being able to fully serve all foster youth in Georgia within the next five to 10 years, a twofold increase on what they are able to keep up with today. The fundraising and donor management foundation they have established with GiveSmart and the growth they’ve worked hard to achieve has set them up for this vision to be realized. 

About Bloom Our Youth

Bloom strengthens foster children and empowers the families who care for them. Bloom connects the community to evidence-based, outcome-driven programs that support and strengthen the lives of vulnerable children and their families.  

Through their foster care agency and support network, Bloom has worked tirelessly to provide housing, foster parent training, a resource center, and more critical programming to support tens of thousands of vulnerable children for over 30 years.  

About GiveSmart

GiveSmart is a fundraising and donor management system that enables organizations to accelerate fundraising through configurable, mobile-friendly campaigns, peer-to-peer giving, auction and event management, simple tracking, and secure payment processing.  

Our mission is to help nonprofits and organizations reach their fundraising goals while creating an engaging, exciting, and easy giving experience for their donors. All. Year. Round. Click here to get started with GiveSmart.