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Befores into Afters

Revenue growth since 2019
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Raised in 2022

The first time that we used the software we had such a ridiculous return on the silent auction alone. year we had raised $30,000 total in that and then the next year we used GiveSmart we had raised $70,000 before we even walked in the door that night ...this is working, this is what we need it to be."

- Julie Kaul, Senior Director, Special Events at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City


Back in the mid-2010s, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City was not only tired of the number of manual transactions their events involved and the time those took, but they knew fundraising technology was becoming the norm, and later discovered, for good reason. So, the Special Events team, alongside staff and volunteer leadership, evaluated nearly 10 silent auction platforms, ultimately deciding on GiveSmart to power their Kids Night Out event 


Not only did their silent auction have a major return in the first year using GiveSmart, but the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City quickly saw how the right fundraising technology enhanced their guests’ experiences and alleviated some of the wasted time and transactional moments of event night for their staff and volunteers. As they found success with more GiveSmart features over the years, such as a live auction, instant buys, and dynamic reporting, they were confident they had chosen the right partner.  


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City has been a GiveSmart customer for 7+ years. And they’ve seen fundraising growth, used GiveSmart for all of their fundraising events, found opportunities to try new things, and have had success ever since. 

It is a good thing they were consistently growing over the years because during the height of the pandemic, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City suddenly found themselves needing to fill more critical, unmet needs of their kids, such as nonexistent internet access, no supportive space for e-learning, and lack of stable meals. Because Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City had grown their fundraising powered by GiveSmart, they were in a prime position to open more sites, expand their offerings, and deliver for their kids in new, needed ways. While other local organizations were forced to close, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City did more. 

About Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City 

For more than 100 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City has been inspiring kids to live out their dreams through affordable, accessible opportunities in the urban core. 

With the help of generous supporters, nearly 8,000 local kids get to experience the life opportunities every child deserves. We give them outlets to learn and grow, access to mentors and peers who care, and the chance to let loose and be a kid—all in a safe space. 

Whether it allows them to attend a baseball game, see a private tutor, take art classes or go on a field trip, your support provides the enrichment and resources to help kids stay on the path to a brighter future. 

About GiveSmart

GiveSmart is a fundraising and donor management system that enables organizations to accelerate fundraising through configurable, mobile-friendly campaigns, peer-to-peer giving, auction and event management, simple tracking, and secure payment processing.  

Our mission is to help nonprofits and organizations reach their fundraising goals while creating an engaging, exciting, and easy giving experience for their donors. All. Year. Round. Click here to get started with GiveSmart.