Your Annual Event: Closing the Gap Between Planner and Donor Expectations

Your Annual Event: Closing the Gap Between Planner and Donor Expectations.

When planning your signature event, you’re no doubt investigating the best way to engage, retain, and entertain donors.

Are you basing your plans on assumptions? Or what you know to be true?
Possible gaps between what event planners and donors prioritize can result in missed opportunities for revenue, engagement, and overall event success.

Let’s close those gaps with information directly from the source: Your Donors.
We conducted (and are excited to share) a research study to better understand the importance of signature fundraising events from the perspective of donors and event planners. By the end of the study, you will be able to fine-tune your strategy to use your resources to directly and positively impact your donor’s experience.

In this study you will find:

  • The importance of signature events to a donor’s connection with your organization
  • Types of events that each generation prefers attending
  • How signature events impact levels of giving
  • How event planners promote events and how donors actually hear about them
  • Trending event programming and fundraising elements
  • Post-event actions and desired follow-ups
  • And ultimately, the importance that these events hold in furthering fundraising missions