Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

Empower your champions to fundraise on your behalf.

Increase donations and awareness for your cause while expanding your reach and supporting your community.

Create, manage, and report on champion-led peer-to-peer fundraisers all in one place.

Built to make giving easy and administration simple, the GiveSmart peer-to-peer platform allows you to empower your community around your cause.

Expand your reach by allowing champions and supporters to create their own donation campaigns as a part of your peer-to-peer campaign and create branded landing pages to promote to their own networks. This helps amplify your mission with consistency and easy to use tools and software.

Peer-to-peer campaigns you can run today.

Art/Singing Competition

Donation Drive/Campaign/Text-to-Donate

Team Fundraisers



Giving Days

Rolling/Recurring Donation Campaigns

Sporting Events and Tournaments

Festivals and Concerts



Reach farther, raise more, give smarter.

Easy to use and manage

Champions can sign up to support your campaign right on your homepage which allows you to standardize the branding and manage individual fundraising pages while each supporter promotes their campaign and spreads the word. Making a donation is simple and quick for a donor so they can support without hassle or delay.


Customizable campaign page

Champions can update their own page’s settings like the page title, goal amount, champion image, and the content section which has a rich-text editor. This will allow the page to have a unique message but still fall in line with any branding set up by your organization for that overall campaign. Videos and images can be added to a fundraiser’s page to help tell their story and why they are supporting your mission.

Social media sharing

Fundraisers and supporters can share individual champion pages on social media outlets as well as through email. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter buttons are available on each homepage and allow for easy promotion of the champion’s page. Social media is necessary to spread awareness and connect with champions’ personal networks.

Real-time leaderboard

Track and share each champion’s performance towards their goal as well as in comparison to other champions. Every donation instantly updates the leaderboard for each fundraising page as well as your overall campaign. The ability to rank champions will encourage further competition and keep everyone posted on where they are at the moment. 

Your integrated peer-to-peer fundraising platform

GiveSmart’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform is fully integrated with all the other fundraising tools at your disposal with GiveSmart. We make giving easy.

With a platform designed to get you up and running quickly, and seamless end-user experience, you can focus on engaging with your champions and donors, and know that the campaign is ​running successfully.

With the ability to support from anywhere, staying home to support your cause has never been easier. Donors and champions alike have the ability to spread the word without having to hit the streets.

We’re with you every step of the way

With organizations of all sizes and this new virtual-driven world we live in, GiveSmart has pushed to have features and products that are flexible and inspire creativity. This peer-to-peer platform is just one example of that.

Our customer support agents are comprised of experienced personnel trained to help your champions feel comfortable and fundraise with confidence.

We see ourselves as a partner to the organizations that we serve, and the billions of dollars raised by thousands of organizations over the least ​last 8 ​eight years are a testament to that commitment.

Let us show you why so many organizations have given GiveSmart a such a strong recommendation.



What our clients say about us

“Our Customer Success Manager has been incredible providing support and guidance during my time using GiveSmart. Unfortunately, our event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been extremely helpful in enabling us to convert our auction and raffle to virtual events and have been readily available to answer questions. I have been in the nonprofit world for 18 years and have used a variety of software programs for the industry. Our CSM has shown me that GiveSmart is an industry leader that prioritizes the customer and the community the customer serves. Thank you! Finally, GiveSmart is very intuitive and the training videos, etc. are extremely helpful. I will definitely be recommending GiveSmart to my counterparts in the industry!”

– Jennifer Margolis, Center for Family Resources 

What our clients say about us

“We were just commenting about GiveSmart earlier today. I cannot say enough about how well everyone at GiveSmart does with troubleshooting.  Your team was wonderful in responding within a short period of time. Customer service is a big priority in my book, and you exceed in that department. In this moment of craziness and stress, we are so grateful to the personalized attention and help to make our largest fundraiser of the year successful. To know that we can close within minutes after the auction, ease of use, a knowledgeable representative is remarkable.  Our decision to change over to GiveSmart and use you as our new fundraising platform has been the best decision we made for the school. GiveSmart is a true blessing right now in our time of need. Thank you so much for being our partner in our children’s school fundraiser. We can never say enough.”  

Myra Kayser, St. Petronille School in Glen Ellyn, IL 

What our clients say about us

“Thanks for the webinar you all put on! We had our event on Saturday (March 14th) and raised over $450,000!! Thank you for the tips on text messaging, that made all the difference as we felt we did a really great job in that area to aid our fundraising.”

Joanne McShane, Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, CA 

What our clients say about us

“Thank you so much! We so appreciate all the guidance and assistance GiveSmart provided us along the way. The virtual auction surpassed our goal by almost $15,000 which EcoHealth is over the moon about!”

Teresa Bellantoni, Event Planner David Bowen & Company 

What our clients say about us

“During my time with LLS, I have not experienced working with a vendor with such a high level of customer service, before, during and after the event! The GiveSmart team enhanced our revenue generation during every process of the event. We continued to use this service with our Man Woman of the Year® campaigns, and look forward to having their services at our upcoming events!”

— Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – National Office

What our clients say about us

“Our Customer Success Manager was phenomenal with me. They always responded to me right away and was extremely thorough from our initial phone call to go over the campaign page. The GiveSmart site is so user-friendly and simple to use – it was enjoyable! We look forward to continuing to use the GiveSmart platform going forward!”

Missouri REALTORS in Columbia, MO

What our clients say about us

“We were completely thrilled with every way GiveSmart assisted us, from our first phone call to our final closing report. They couldn’t have been more pleasant and prompt in responding to our needs. My numerous conversations with our Client Service Specialist, became as comfortable as talking with an old friend. The efficiency, professionalism and overall friendliness of their team was amazing. Our event was a huge financial success with the assistance of GiveSmart.”

— Marian Catholic High School

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